Balthazar Crawley

Balthazar Crawley is a stern, rough looking man in his twilight years. His beard and thinning hair are a dark gray, and heavy brows crease his forehead and make his eyes appear as two dark pits inset in his face.

There is a dark presence to him, as if there is an anger that burns just below the surface. He is considerably overweight, but this does not seem to affect the man's aura of arrogance at all.

OOC: Crawley is an expert in mental mind manipulation, able to exert his influence and dominate other minds as he wills. It is entirely at your discretion how your character reacts to this ability, whether tha is full compliance or no effect at all.

Greens: Females, Being dominant, hypnosis, mind control, memory alteration, fetish alteration.

Reds: Being submissive, Shemales, Males
Player:Mr Crawley
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human