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Pure damage-soaking tank for Shard Runs
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Sigil of Azzagrat, Bloody hair, Scroll,
many nicknames, many stories...

Sexe : Male
Height : 6'2 ft
Weight : 198 lbs
Eyes : Azur
Build : Muscular

At a first glance

A human man with blood-colored hair. Except for this strange detail, this person is nothing special. His face is free of scars, he appears to be in his thirties and sometimes his serious and observant look splits with an amused or sarcastic smile depending on the situation. He is tall for human standards without being gigantic, under his clothes one sometimes guesses or sees a sculptural musculature, even powerful; broad shoulders; developed biceps and pectoral muscles overhanging the dunes of his abdominals which give him a massive appearance and an exquisite relief to his chest, but which has nothing more than that of a soldier or a mercenary. Speaking of clothing, he makes it a point of honour to always wear quality fabrics and elegant outfits. Elegance seems to be the watchword, in the way he stands, almost princely and in the way he walks with an ease and grace that is almost feline. His azure gaze, contrasting with the colour of his hair, is usually fixed in the eyes of his interlocutors, and when several people are present, he observes the surroundings with interest and curiosity. You will notice that he carries little or no equipment on him, rarely a small ceremonial hatchet in an antique style, or a bag to store a few items, but nothing more. On his left shoulder, he always wears a protection covered with black scales, with obsidian reflections, even the greatest experts in the field will have difficulty identifying the creature from which these scales come.

At the first hearing

His voice is sweet, warm and deep. He speaks with a certain fluency and handles words in a formidable way in his mother tongue. When he expresses himself in common, it is with a foreign accent, he sometimes takes the time to choose his words and sometimes makes syntactical errors that he is amused by, knowing that he still has to improve. But one feels that he is making efforts to integrate himself among his fellow human beings whose language he has not yet mastered. He always speaks with a certain gentleness and even when one day he threatens you with death, you will have the feeling that it is a warm promise he makes to you.

Whites : Adventure, Dungeons, Friendships, PVP
Player:Joke L
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human