Jinzo The Fox Hunter

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Race: Human (Tainted)
Sex: Male
Height: around 5'10"

A former Kuni witch hunter,  now bound to the word of the shadowlands. Jinzo is known for his prowess in hunting those with magical ability and has come to enjoy the hunt specifically when it comes down to the kitsune. With a maniacal glee he takes great joy in skinning a kitsune alive and chopping off it's tail to add to his collection. What he is doing here now in all places like Sinifer is unknown, though it could be the increased fox population.

Appearance:  Of Rokugani heritage his pale face is painted with strange red markings, his smile is disturbing to say the least. A cruel mix of glee with the undeniable feeling of dread as he stares one down to assess their looks, constantly on the search for a fox in disguise.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human