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-English is not my mother tongue. I can make mistakes, sorry for that.-

At first glance, these pointy ears and finesse in her features suggest that the young woman in front of you has Elvish ancestry. Yet, her size, greater than that of a standard human, could be misleading.

She often wanders the streets, her hips swinging at each step, whether she wears heels or not. In her back, her hair, pale blond at the edge of white, flows along her shoulders and back to flatter the pretty curves of her back, dancing to the rhythm of her steps.

Surprisingly, this cascade of silk, whether under solar or lunar rays, captures the light and reflects gold or bluish silver shades. If her hair is raised and styled, it is often for convenience. Also, she does it in a hurry, without having much interest in these misplaced or released wild locks of hair.

Even this straight fringe that conceals her forehead is not always a sign of her rigor. Sometimes, it gives her a serious look, sometimes it only accentuates the youthful effect of her rounded cheekbones.

Her captivating turquoise blue eyes take a curious look at the world around her. Her pronounced accent would be a sufficient explanation for this curiosity that often makes her bite her pink and pulpy lower lip nicely with perplexity.

Her varied clothes seem to follow no logic but to please her. But whatever she decides to put on emphasizes her curves, which, although already harmonious, offer new assets nevertheless enticing.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf