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"The Abyss returns even the boldest gaze..."

Apparent Race: Planetouched/Unknown (Sufficient knowledge of the Abyss and its denizens, along with True Sight if wearing mortal guise, reveals the demon as a Vrock)
Apparent Age: Timeless, implacable
Gender: Male
Height: 7'0" - 8'0"
Weight: 400lbs
Build: Towering; Powerfully muscled warrior's build; Emphasized upper body and biceps; Straight, haughty posture
Skin Tone: Dusky faded midnight blue/grey; Tough leathery skin
Hair: Coal black with dark iron-grey flecks; Rough, immaculately maintained short-cropped stubble
Face: Noble, highborn, chiseled features; Subtly haunting, inhuman; Powerful, pronounced jawline & cheekbones; Angular, steep curves and browline
Eyes: Ethereal, piercing silver gaze set in deep void sockets, subtle glow pronounced in the dark, reminiscent of a pale moon; Intense, unswerving, vulture-like gaze, searing and unnerving under prolonged focus
Notable Features (Mortal guise): Subtle, immaculate claws, subtly distended, vaguely avian legs ending in talons; Long, thin, pointed tongue
Notable Features (True form): Majestic, pristine dusky feathered wings surrounded by a mantle of rough fur-like feathers; Long, prehensile reptilian tail; Razorlike, immacculately sharpened and cared-for talons; Monstrous avian legs ending in deadly talons; Long, thin, pointed tongue
Demeanor: Perpetual haughty, proud air; Composed, confident concealing a thundering temper beneath the surface
Voice: Dark, smoky/gravelly growl; Rasping, inhumanly echoing aftershock - emphasized when emotionally roused
Scent: Faint, ethereal, smoky musk, reminiscent of a long since doused fire; More pronounced or altered when releasing spores (see below)

When guised as a planetouched man, True Sight reveals his more monstrous appearance.

Whether adorned in mortal guise or walking the realm proudly in all his Abyssal glory, this man strikes an imposing figure of dark majesty. He could often be seen flaunting his obvious otherworldly features and formidable physical assets, even when concealing his true nature as a wretched demon from the depths of the Abyss itself. Perhaps he simply could not resist..?

Whatever the case, he walks with a confident stride, surveying the world from a lofty perch of one who feels a certain sense of entitlement to all that they rest their eyes upon. It was almost difficult to look away from that magnificent, piercing silvery gaze, its vibrant pale hues swimming with the turning cogs of thoughts alien to the mortal mind and unnervingly familiar alike.

And yet for all the apparent enigma and contradictions of this planeswalker, his vocation as a warrior was reflected with crystalline certainty in his finely chiseled, powerful physique and his posture both, if not the sinister blade often sheathed at his hip, its hilt fashioned into an engulfing vulture's beak riddled with monstrous fangs looming over the scabbard, its eyes two flawless diamonds. The blade itself remained a mystery, but one attuned to the Weave could easily sense a tremendous destructive force radiating from the obviously enspelled killing tool.

Lore - sufficient knowledge of the Abyss and its denizens reveals some or all of the following:

Profane champions of the Abyss, vrocks embody all the rage, hatred, and violence of that despicable realm. As ravenous and grotesquely opportunistic as the scavengers they resemble, vrocks delight in bloodshed, relishing the sounds and sensations of ripping the still-pulsing entrails from a living husk.

Expert aerial combatants, vrocks delight in causing havock from above. Their deep love for battle frequently leads them into melee combat against heavy odds. They've an exceptionally vain bent which leaves them reluctant to resist any challenge, and a hunger for possession and domination which sparks an undying lust for bounties both material, physical and otherwise, and they will go to any length to secure their claim on a particularly wondrous prize.

Prideful, loathsome creatures who find great beauty and satisfaction in each deadly dance that ends in their favor, whether upon the battlefield or otherwise, they pursue any goal with a relentless passion and meticulous dedication which often lands them in the service, unwittingly or otherwise, of those able to take advantage of their pride and predictability in pursuing an irresistible, hard-won prize.

Vrock special abilities (used by consent only for purposes of enriching RP):

* Telepathy 100ft: The ability to enter and influence the minds of mortals by instilling images, words, and ideas directly into their minds (and receiving surface thoughts and impressions from the target in turn), often leaving the source unknown or intentionally misdirected. Blocked by protection from evil or similarly mind warding effects (or immunity to mind-affecting).

* Vrock Spores: A vrock can release a cloud of spores from pores in its hide at a rate of around twice a minute (some requiring longer to recover). The spores, once released, typically retain potency for a full minute. As Vrocks grow in power, they can mold the color and nature of these spores into numerous variants (Inquire for details).

Holy water, bless, neutralize poison/disease kills the spores in a victim immediately while their effects can be temporarily halted by delay poison and similar remedies.

* Stunning screech: Once per hour a vrock can emit a shrill, piercing screech, stunning all within earshot (DC 32 Fort. to resist).

* Dance of Ruin: A wild chanting dance which, at its conclusion (in 3 rounds) releases a crackling wave of energy exploding from the vrock, dealing 5d6 points of electricity dmage to all within 100 feet (DC 25 Reflex for half damage). For each additional vrock participating, the damage increased by +5d6 and DC increases by +1. If prevented from dancing at any point, the effect ends and must be started anew.

* Call to the Abyss: Once per day a vrock can attempt to summon 2d10 dretches or another vrock with a 35% chance of success. Demons are often reluctant to use this power until in obvious peril or extreme circumstances, however.

* Spell-like abilities: At will: mirror image, telekinesis (DC 22), greater teleport (self plus 50 pounds of objects only); 1/day: heroism.

* Demonic Properties: Immunity to electricity and all poisons. Moderate (10) resistance to acid/cold/fire. Vulnerable to cold iron. Fluent in Abyssal, Celestial and Draconic.

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- No lights. Anything is possible if the RP leads up to it. In terms of ERP however, you can likely expect the character to instinctively (but not always) lean towards darker themes, with a preference for full females exclusively. The character is meant as a true to lore Demon of its kind with a distinct personality reflected therein. Feel free to ask if you've questions or want further details, otherwise I prefer to let specifics be discovered through RP.

- This character can be summoned, bound, and negotiated with through fiendish pacts, bargains and profane rituals. Whether by learning of details or the demon's name/identity through in-game events and interactions, or by stumbling upon some obscure reference to the demon in the dark corners of the world, any spellcaster wishing to attempt to conjure the demon (for whatever reason) is very welcome to do so! This will be handled in an IC manner. The outcome is not certain. But they say with great risk comes great reward...

This character is part of the Blood Moon conspiracy
Player:Come Unto Your Maker
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human