Xaviera Xee

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Name: Xaviera Xee
Race: Half-elf
Sex: Female
Age: Mature (late 40s human equivalent)
Occupation: Priestess, Poet, Performer; previously Politician, Prostitute
Deity: Sharess


Xaviera's elven ancestry shows itself physically in a shorter, small-breasted frame, though with hips that are wider than is typical for the fair folk and pleasantly-rounded contours in general - a figure she jokingly refers to as "elven tits and human hips".
Her skin is lightly tanned and her hair is surprisingly white for a woman of her apparent age. Her face is heart-shaped with brown eyes that are warm and bright but which occasionally become clouded with the weighty memories of decades past.
Her voice is soft yet firm and, backed by considerable innate charisma augmented by advanced bardic training, can command attention when she wishes it.
She wears a holy symbol of Sharess on a chain around her neck (if it's visible on the model then your character can spot it).
If seen topless (a not uncommon occurrence), her breasts are soft and sag slightly, having lost the pertness of youth. Both breasts and stomach bear stretch marks typical of a mature woman's body, as well as a few faint scars.

"Men for business. Women for pleasure."
Female/feminine preferred but not essential.

Open to most things with some lead-in RP (IC & OOC time and mood permitting) - approach in game or send a Tell if interested.

Tell-friendly. I'm bigender and bisexual in RL and especially open to talking with other trans and gender-diverse people.

Xaviera is a sexy half-elf who grew up all Pretty Baby in a happy little house of ill repute in a far-off land called the Moonshaes where the people are called Ffolk and it kinda sounds like what she does all the time. She left there as soon as she found a IC excuse and went to the island of Amia to solicit in front of the blacksmith's shop even though killing monsters paid better, and while adventuring was icky she still did it from time to time when she wasn't flat on her back in bed or on the carpet or the kitchen table or hanging from the chandelier or trying out a little BDSM in the city jail. Seems she also had quite a thing for paladins and would inspire them on journeys to the Abyss by flashing her boobs in order to make their weapons magically harder. There she grew up into a Pretty Woman and is every man's wet dream 'cause if they're lucky she'll actually do them but everyone knows she really likes girls, which turns the guys on even more and gives 'em blueballs, 'cept these ones are painful and not at all sparkly. She even had a daughter with another woman by sticking a fey-enchanted ruby up her whatchamacallit but, before that, an evil drow lady did naughty things to her when the server rules were more relaxed but which still can't be related in front of the kiddies and as a result she learned how to shadowdance, which is really cool 'cause she can change clothes in public in 2.4 seconds flat and look in people's bedroom windows, which she doesn't do because she really is a happy hippie hooker with a heart of gold. Then one day she took a good look at her life and figured, what the hell, she might as well become a priestess of Sharess because that way she'd at least get divine magic for all that screwing around. She's been kissed by a lesser goddess and slept with most humanoid races and some not quite so and had a gross of player characters in her as well (there is, by the way, absolutely no truth to the rumour that her crack is bigger than the one the city of Cordor fell into during the Great Quake). She knows almost everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask and her Perform skill is in Sexual Talents and if she could turn into a cat she'd be one damn fine cougar.

Sinfar, here she comes.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf