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"The darkness holds much worse than mere trickery and boogeymen..."

Apparent Race: Fiendish (Sufficient knowledge of the Abyss and its denizens identifies the demon as a Babau)
Apparent Age: Timeless, implacable
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140lbs
Build: Deceptively gaunt; Lean, wiry musculature; Long, inhumanly distended limbs; Hunched, predatory coiled posture
Skin Tone: Charred, dirty crimson, akin to dried gore
Face: Sinister, emaciated features; Overtly fiendish; Perpetual fanged sneer
Eyes: Deep blood red; Aglow with murderous intensity
Notable Features: Long, thin, raspy tongue; Large dual horn protruding from its robust, distended skull; Long, lethal claws; Taut leathery skin pulled over a firm, ruthlessly efficient muscle structure; Long, prehensile tail; Capable of exuding a crimson oily secretion at will through its skin, acidic to the touch
Demeanor: Restless, agitated, wary; Constantly in motion, twitching, fidgeting, preening and clacking its claws, scanning its surroundings
Voice: Scathing, hissing whisper; Sharp and sinister
Scent: Thick, raw coppery, intensified with a stinging, acrid musk when exuding its acidic crimson oil through its skin

The gaunt, demonic monstrosity before you clearly favors the shadows, rarely remaining still out in the open for long unless supremely confident in its position, and even then the demon obsessively scans its surroundings. A perpetually hunched posture coupled with an array of deadly rending talons and fangs and its lean, wiry musculature all contribute to the appearance of a stalking predator, ever coiled to spring and strike with deadly purpose.

Although humanoid in appearance and undoubtedly intelligent judging by the cold, calculated purpose in its movements and the malignant, sadistic gleam in its baleful gaze, the fiend seems largely unconcerned with such trifles as clothing or material possessions at large, for its body was forged from the chaos of the Abyss, instilled with the physique and capabilities required to fulfill its horrific purpose, whatever that may be.

Nevertheless, little investigation would be required to glean the demon's gender in spite of its monstrous visage - wholly male. Confirmation could be found quite readily from behind the meager loincloth affording the demon the fragile pretense of decency.

Lore - sufficient knowledge of the Abyss and its denizens reveals some or all of the following:

The babau delights in the thrill of the hunt and stalking its prey. Its penchant for carefully laid plans and obsession with perfecting its dark craft makes it a valuable asset as a spy or assassin in service of greater demons, or sometimes spellcasters on the material plane.

The babau is an assassin, a murderer, and a sadist - certainly not traits unusual in the demons, yet the babau's aptitude for stealth and surprise sets it apart from its generally less-subtle kin. With no need to eat (although most babaus relish the flavor of mortal meat on their thin, raspy tongues), a babau can wait in ambush for years or decades - their inhuman patience in anticipating a well-conceived murder also setting them apart from the other denizens of the Abyss.

Babaus obsess over the act of killing and take great pride in their grisly art, often leaving behind some form of grim marker or obscure signature, whether it be a distinctive modus operandi, an unnerving token, or other profane evidence.

No law is sacred to the babau on the prowl, no despicable means of achieving its end beneath it. There is only the goal that must be fulfilled - a promise between hunter and prey, a need fuelled by the all-consuming hunger of the Abyss itself.

In combat, the babau is a dizzying blur of razor-sharp claws and fangs, a shadow materializing to deliver ruthlessly efficient, mortal wounds, picking off targets one by one from hiding until its grisly work is done. They attack the most powerful foe first, hoping to eliminate the true threats quickly and then toy with the rest.

Babau special abilities (used by consent only for purposes of enriching RP):

* Telepathy 100ft: The ability to enter and influence the minds of mortals by instilling images, words, and ideas directly into their minds (and receiving surface thoughts and impressions from the target in turn), often leaving the source unknown or intentionally misdirected. Blocked by protection from evil or similarly mind warding effects (or immunity to mind-affecting).

* Protective Slime: The babau can exude a coating of crimson oil/goo to cover its body, corrosive to the touch (see description above).

* Spell-like abilities: At will: darkness, dispel magic, see invisibility, greater teleport (self plus 50 pounds of objects only)

* Call to the Abyss: Once per day a babau can attempt to summon 1 babau with a 40% chance of success.

* Demonic Properties: Immunity to electricity and all poisons. Moderate (10) resistance to acid/cold/fire. Spell resistance. Vulnerable to cold iron. Fluent in Abyssal, Celestial and Draconic.

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- No lights. Anything is possible if the RP leads up to it. In terms of ERP however, you can likely expect the character to instinctively (but not always) lean towards darker themes, with a preference for full females exclusively (redheads beware). The character is meant as a true to lore Demon of its kind with a distinct personality reflected therein. Feel free to ask if you've questions or want further details, otherwise I prefer to let specifics be discovered through RP.

- This character can be summoned, bound, and negotiated with through fiendish pacts, bargains and profane rituals. Whether by learning of details or the demon's name/identity through in-game events and interactions, or by stumbling upon some obscure reference to the demon in the dark corners of the world, any spellcaster wishing to attempt to conjure the demon (for whatever reason) is very welcome to do so! This will be handled in an IC manner. The outcome is not certain. But they say with great risk comes great reward...

This character is part of the Blood Moon conspiracy
Player:The Flesh Is Willing
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf