Alana Meliadie

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A newcomer to human lands, and certainly a stranger to Sinifer, Alana looks around herself with widened eyes. This land has so many oddities she would never even dream of.

The young wood elf stands at the average height of 4,7 feet with nothing really standing out with her. She seemed to be the average elf in every way. Her height, her eyes, her skin, her gender..  (pure female, by the way)  It is almost like the player realized it has only special characters and wanted something simple!

One thing one can mention is her cute freckles beneath her emerald green eyes. Eyes which carries just the smallest line of eyeliner and mascara to make her eyes stand out just a little more. Her lips have a light red color to them with a subtle shaded lipstick.

She favors elven styled robes... at least for now. We all know how this city works.

But you don't really care about this, do you... You clicked her for the lights!  Well, here they are!

Reds: Masculinity.  That means men. Penises are fine. I just like them best on women. I am perverted that way. Other than that, the usual reds.

Yellow: Other subs. Let's face it. Two subs together gets really boring.

Green: I love partners who know what they want, and aren't afraid to take it. Some playfulness is always welcome. Tools to spice things up, lingerie, toys, costumes.. Generally being creative. Kind of ironic for a character intended to be dull, I know.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human