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]Height[: 6' 3".
]Weight[: Looks about 145lbs.
[Scent]: Talika has no scent whatsoever, nor does anything she carries.

Talika has a curvaceous feminine figure, and possesses a distinctly supernatural pallor to her skin and hair, whilst her eyes are featureless pristine white as well. A gentle white glow suffuses her form most of the time, which serves only to accentuate these things.

Her voice is usually quite husky and her tone is especially world-weary, giving her words a sense of ageless wisdom, and despite her apparent confidence, made her almost always sound a bit vulnerable.

[Spellwork]: True Seeing (seeing through illusions/transformations, detecting scrying sensors), Tongues, Nondetection, Comprehend Languages (Written) are always active.

]Lights[: I decided to make one of those F-List things. You can find some of my actual preferences here:

For those too lazy to click/copy-pasta this to learn about the things I do not like, here are my EZPZ reds.
Reds: Toilet stuff, underage characters, childlike characters. Probably some other things, once again, feel free to ask.

]Other[ Do not seek the following with any eagerness to succeed:

Corruption; magical, physical, or otherwise.
Permanent Death (we can talk about it, but your character likely doesn't know the specifics, but either way, there are other ways to defeat someone than simply killing them).
Mind Control (at least for very long).

You can try them, but don't be upset out of character when they don't work.
Player:Taste of Darkness
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human