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]Height[: 6' 3".
]Weight[: Looks about 145lbs.
]Apparent Age[: She looks about nineteen.
[Scent]: Talika has no scent whatsoever, nor does anything she carries.

Talika has a curvacious feminine figure, and possesses a distinctly supernatural pallor to her skin and hair, whilst her eyes are featureless pristine white as well. A gentle white glow suffuses her form most of the time, which serves only to accentuate these things.

Her voice is usually quite husky and her tone is especially world-weary, giving her words a sense of ageless wisdom, and despite her apparent confidence, made her almost always sound a bit vulnerable.

[Spellwork]: True Seeing (seeing through illusions/transformations, detecting scrying sensors), Tongues, Nondetection, Comprehend Languages (Written) are always active.

]Lights[: I'm not going to display white/green/yellow lights. If you want to know about something -in particular- ask.
Reds: Toilet stuff, underage characters, childlike characters who are 'of legal age'. Probably some other things.

]Other[ It may be considered god-gaming if its your shtick, but don't bother with the following things, they won't work:
Corruption, magical, physical, or otherwise.
Permanent Death.
Mind Control (at least for very long).
Player:Taste of Darkness
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human