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((disclaimer: cally have male parts locked in cage, and it hurts her when groped))

what you see is what you get

Hair: black
Eyes: Bright Green
Race: Human
Sex: SheMale(caged)
Age: 19-20

Cally is a pretty little girl, with big green eyes and long dark hair, she had very pale smooth skin and seems rather shy in nature, often her cheeks turn red blushing at something, she is short and slender with a rather full chest, big heavy breasts, all part of her new life, Around her slender neck she now wears a highly enchanted slave collar it is inscibed "Princess" in the front, "Property of Furya" in the back and hanging in the front of it is a little cowbell.

Her breasts now swollen with milk now, that can be milked from her by sucking of pulling on her dark sensetive nipples.

If one should get the chance to see her undressed between her legs is a snug fitting bright pink leather sheath her sex is trapped inside, there is a tiny hole in the bottom of it and its locked securely in place inside the girlycockcage what ever is inside it seems to make her sensetive and it hurts her alot when its touched.

Very tell friendly! maybe even too tell freindly but thats just how I am! so feel free to talk to me i dont mind, questions? Just ask! ^^
also dont be afraid to approach her and say hi.

lights not in any specific order.

Favorites: [Submitting] [Gags] [Hard Hair Pulling] [Forced] [Anyting Anal!!] [Being Used] [Oral] [Females Smoking Cigarettes]

[Breaking Server Rules] [Pedo] [Death] [Permanent Changes Without OOC Consent!] [cigarette buds or ash in mouth] i know its odd but really ew!


[Pleasing others!!!!] [Talking Dirty] [non-con] [Tentacles] [Orcs] [petplay/animal play][bondage/light/heavy/and extreme!][Lockable clothing] [latex] [humiliation] [objectification][bondage outfits/doll play] [Groups]  [Magic] [Mind Control] [Drugging] [Toys] [Rough Sex] [Soft Sex] [Romance] [Traps] [Spit] [Teasing] [Made To Beg] [Gags] [Evil Doms] [Watersports] [Strong Characters] [Gangbangs]  [Males] [Females] [Shemales] [Demons] [Devils] [Vampires] [Oral] [Vaginal] [Beasts]....
And Many many more! if it is not red i prolly really like it! if in doubt ask ooc ;)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human