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Name: Ahshalla Ju'ein
Race: Moon Elf
Gender: Female (Always, so far)
Age: Older than she'd admit, maybe a touch over 300
Build: Lithe and graceful to the point of underweight, much like a ballerina.

~ Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower... ~

Amaryllis wouldn't be all too very eye-catching in of herself. A blink too many in fact and that flutter of raven hair might be forgotten entirely. Pale skinned and quiet, there was more of a cuteness to those soft purple eyes than any of the oh so forward sexual drive so often seen by others around the isles. Generally seen wearing light cloth, or at times leather, what seemed to be common to all of those items was the lack of harsh clicks from heels or loud rustles of jewellery. It'd be rare to see her in anything other than a simple necklace, skin free of piercings, and hands wrapped in simple bracelets rather than ornate bunches or bangles.

It took rather a close look to notice the elf in anything other than a brightly positive, optimistic mood, more often than not seen with a warm smile on her lips and a touch of playful tease in her tone. Perhaps, if one was particularly lucky, they might keep her around long enough to see just a bit of that shadow she was so fond of flutter in her eyes.

~ OOC Stuffs ~

This character spends a looooot of time in stealth. She stalks people, strangers and those she knows; she watches things she shouldn't and whispers in ears while others can't see. If this bothers you, don't worry about letting me know. It's not everyone's thing.

ERP Stuffs:

Nope! - Permanent changes, Pregnancy, Expecting things that don't, can't and won't fit to be moaned at.

Probably not! - Long term relationships, Poop, Overuse of magic

Anything past that point is probably better found out by asking, or trying. I go from cutesy nuzzles and hardcore handholding all the way up to knives, needles and flames, from tender kisses to spitting, pee and vomit. Generally speaking there has to be -Some- charging emotion for me to enjoy things, especially the much darker types, and I do require some level of detail to enjoy myself.

I'm almost always tell friendly.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf