----Humanoid Devil Description-------
At 6'0 with the usual horns and tail, Bat'oth'kra is a moderately unassuming fiend that would be easily mistaken for a tiefling.

His jet black slicked back hair and deep blue eyes contrast with his starkly red skin. His Devilish features don't take away from his otherwise traditionally handsome appearance.

He's usually seen in a sharp suit with a small notepad and pen at his breast pocket. he carries himself professionally with a straight back and practiced gait.

-------Monstrous Devil Description---------
Bat'oth'kra has a tall body that allows him to tower over most of sinfar's denizens. his impressive stature is complimented by his broad shoulders and his odd, bat-like feet that add more height as if he were wearing platform shoes.

His head, wings, tail and feet all look like they belong on a bat. If it wasn't for the red hue of his skin and his general infernal presence It might be easy to mistake him for a beastman.

----A note on alignments---
Bat'oth'kra has two souls. A human soul which is LN and a Devil which is LE. RP this however you'd like in regards to your character.

--------OOC Background Story----------

//OOC NOTE: Don't feel required to read this to RP with my character or anything :)

Bat'oth'kra used to be a human working at the lawfirm John Johnson & son in a place and time far from here. He specialised in immortal law and most of his clients were people who'd signed a contract with a devil and wanted out.

As his age and experience grew he started to grow jealous of the power his clients would gain. After searching for some time he'd eventually find a devil willing to strike up a contract with him. Given his renown for exploiting devil contracts the only one he could find willing to sign with him had been cast out of hell and was desperate to start it's immortal life again and rectify it's mistakes.

The devil offered the human a deal. The devil would blend with the human and they'd share one body and mind but keep there souls seperate and take the name "Bat'oth'kra". that way the devil could regain his access to hell as a new fiendish being and start his immortal life fresh. The man would in return gain the Fiendish power he craved and some sliver of individuality.

After the transformation, the newly formed Bat'oth'kra Found it had the memories of the man and devil that'd blended together to make it. Along with the ability to shift it's mind and body between two forms. A twisted version of the man who'd made the deal and a more humanoid version of the devil who'd taken part.

After some time in his own reality he'd begin to experience the wanderlust that turns a man into an adventurer and started to walk the planes as some combination between lawyer and devil. until eventually he'd stumble across sinfar.

Reds (probably never): M/M, Poop, gore, vore, breeding, impregnation

Yellows (Mood dependant): Vanilla, shemale.

Greens (good to go): Bondage, vaginal, Prostitution,  Rape.

Whites (favourites): kinky clothes, Domming, Making pacts, anal, oral, Rough sex, painplay, slaveplay.

Always tell friendly :)
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human