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Name: Michelle
Species: Feline Humanoid (Former Human)
Place of Birth: Nachtholme
World of Origin: Göttlicheseschenk
Shorthand for Homeworld: Göttlich
Occupation: Slave/Pet
Owner: Carmina (Caernathexminatri)

Gender: Female
Appearance: As model

Special notes: When Michelle blushes, it's visible only at the bridge of her nose and the upper muzzle above and around that area, where the fur is slightly thinner. The fur is thinnest at the top of her nose along the bridge, so that's generally the first place her blushing is noticed.

Michelle accidentally mutated herself while experimenting with various transformative serums.

Due to the effects of this mutation, Michelle is Sterile now, unable to bear children. Additionally, she has a slightly more potent libido and emits a constant low
dose of gentle lust-inducing pheromones.

Additionally, an alchemical serum has been used to permanently turn the spines on Michelle's tongue from rough tools used to strip meat from bones, to soft yet sturdy things meant to caress tender flesh and provide it stimulation. This serum also slightly lengthened her tongue.

[Other Changes]
Michelle is never seen anymore without her fancy, enchanted collar and the attached bell. The bell has her name written on the front of it, and (unless silenced) jingles when she walks. There is a ring on the collar to attach a leash.

[OOC: Warning to Trolls]
If you try to pass of trolling as in-character behavior, I will call you out on it and take appropriate action. Being combative, strange, or insulting in-character is one thing, using RP to justify trolling performed via such methods is a completely different thing. You have been warned.

[OOC: Lights]

In General:
Red: ERP with no plot or RP background
Yellow: ERP supported by plot or RP*.
Green: N/A

More Specifically
Red: Scat, Oral Soft-Vore (This means eating whole by mouth or maw), Incest, Watersports, Sex with Herms (Barring an order from her owner), masculine men (Directly, though not including pleasuring a woman in a scene with men), or Shemales (IE, female-bodied women with male parts INSTEAD of female parts), sexual activities with characters that act too much like minors for comfort, and sexual activities with flat-chested halfling, dwarf, or gnome women.
Yellow: Non-Consent (Specifically lack of consent form her OR her owner. Convince her or her owner first to bypass this!), sex with men who look feminine, but are still entirely men. Any unlisted ERP types or subtypes. Most bodily modifications (Unless I personally give you the idea!), Long term enslavement. Sex with herms upon order by her owner (this is less likely to be granted if a penis is directly involved).
Green: Gropes, fondles, spanks, cuddles, petting, and other light foreplay or tenderness. Slave-Play, Short Term enslavement, Pet-Play, dressing in skimpy clothes (or none at all!), leashes, cages,  submission, Women in ERP, and (most of all) serving her mistress and being a "Domesticated Housecat" and faithful, devoted slave.

*Actual ERP is something that requires me to be in a generous mood (or highly enjoy it with a particular player) in the majority of cases. Simply glossing over it and considering it as "canon" events where  it affects Michelle is more likely than actually sitting down and roleplaying sexual activities in detail, when dealing with most players.

*It should be noted that unlike most lists of red/yellow/green lights, I take an "automatic" and "immersive" approach when it comes to the contents of this list. This means I will try to handle buildup to ERP in an in-character manner, but am willing to state my willingness or lack thereof to do ERP of a particular type OOCly when it makes no sense to refuse ICly (or when an IC refusal would be unclear in it's implications). This applies primarily to yellow lights however.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human