Sirenrae Ambershot

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Sirenrae Ambershot


This curvaceous woman stands nearby, her ocean green hair spilling from the crown of her head to frame distinctly elven features; as one of the Kal'dorei her eyes are caught in a silvery moonlit calm. A blessing gifted her people from their creator... Though she is curiously short for a member of her race.

Long, tapering ears sit proudly from the side of her head, often adorned with glittering gems, which themselves gleam with reserves of dancing arcane energy; perhaps useful magic, or to satiate some strange hunger.
Her face was touched by anicent grace, perfectly symmetrical and a delight to behold. High cheek bones, luminous bed-room eyes and full lips were all framed by the dark cascade of wavy,  hair. That curious, purple-pink skin was ever untouched by blemishes and imperfections. She wears somewhat minimal makeup; khol around her eyes and a glossy purple to her lips. Her elven complexion needing little help in remaining youthful. More often than not her features, however, will be wrapped away behind leather and cloth coupled with a face hidden away behind a swept fringe from that gentle cascade of tresses.
Around her neck she wore a string of glittering gems, adorned with the sigil of her kind inset with rather a gleaming gemstone that glinted the same colour as her eyes as it fell hanging from the swan-like taper of that neckline.

Her body is in turn a shapely thing, elven yet strangely voluptuous on the eye. Her build allowing her to carry off the motherly curves while maintaining a contrasting, trim waist. The heavy swell of those two maternal orbs pushed temptingly out from behind any fabric she kept them hidden with. Few efforts seemed to be taken to hide them away, be this because of their truely ungainly size, or simple narcissism! The stomach was toned and sleek, holding a healthy amount of muscle and kept trim by her evidentially nomadic lifestyle. Those hips, not to be forgotten swayed like a personified sin with each step, her movement was hypnotic and wry. Even when stomping along in a huff, she maintained a simple sense of poise. The thick and juicy rump, that many a blue-minded bystander might be tempted to lay hand upon, chased in the shake of those hips with it's own taught dip and rise. Sitting above a pair of long, tapering legs that carried the eye up towards. Their gentle, incline carried the eye all the way down to her dainty feet - which were quite happy to be wrapped in a pair of rather stylish shoes.


Though this is an overtly sexualised character, I'll note here that I do actually enjoy normal roleplay elements alongside the more spicy things. Admittedly, she may be off putting to some of you, and that's fine. Purple tiddy tho.

Reds: Infantilism, Poop, Gore, Vore
Player:Silvermoon Sunset
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human