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~~~~ OOC Information ~~~~

- Tell-friendly.

- Approach me! The character is reserved and tends to sit back and observe people, but he also likes making friends.

- He's from a universe that doesn't have a weave or magic, and as such it might affect him in unexpected ways. Don't be afraid to ask about a particular effect.
-If it looks like I'm AFK, send me a tell to make sure. More often I'm not. ^^

- This character has been set up for the arcane spell Swap Gender

~~~~~~~ Sabraiel ~~~~~~~

Apparent Age: 26 Human Years
Apparent Gender: Male
Height: 7'3'', 221cm
Weight: 482lb, 218kg
Hair Color: Dark apple red, with small streaks of orange.
Eye Color: Depends.
Skin Color: Pale, but still fair.
Wingspan: ~16 feet, ~4.8 meters
Extra details:
- He has no scars, moles, or any kind of blemish.
- He has no hair, not even a little fuzz, except for his head.

Sab does NOT register to these beings as either direction- at best he is as neutral as water and completely invisible to such senses.


What falls within your gaze is a large, but not overly massive, humanoid man with skin of a paler complexion and layered hair of  a deep apple red with small streaks of orange. It would appear that he has been hand crafted to be perfectly average, with respect to his larger size- with well toned muscles that fit snugly into his clothing, built practically for combat than appearance. His eyes, whatever color they are at a given moment, carry a slight metallic sheen that glints in the light, and hold a thoughtful, analyzing gaze.

Extending from his back were two feathery wings colored as freshly fallen volcanic ash, a gradient of darker grays flaring out to flecks of white near the tips. They were powerful, and stretched out on occasion to a full span of nearly sixteen feet, and those that felt the downy feathers would note that the air around them is faintly scented of lavender.

His voice, when he speaks, is cool and soothing as a low melody if perhaps a little monotone, and he seems to constantly wear a blank expression upon stoic, guardian statue-like features.

//Gonna have to get him disrobed for anything beyond that. ^^

~~~~~~~~ Sexy Stuff ~~~~~~~~

Being approached, being teased, flirting, romance both gentle and crazy, exploration and discovery. Oh and a huge oral fan, both giving and getting.

Pretty much anything and everything not yellow or red. Guys, gals, traps and shemales, herms and everything in between. All races are welcome.

Nothing yet.

Pedo, loli/shota, necro, toilet, violent torture or gore, vore, anything against the rules.

~~~ Current Notes ~~~

- For those that catch sight of the inside of his wings, they would notice that there is a secondary covert feather missing from his right wing. It will not grow back.


- He wears a string woven of an unknown material (basically nylon) around his neck. Hanging from it are several charms:
A brass chain link - from the grand opening of the Pure Perfection Palace.

A demon's fang - from the Demon Lord, Nabunazzar
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human