Rhea Harrington

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Name: Lady Rhea Harrington
Occupation: Formerly Crusader
Age: Early twenties
Build: Soft and Padded in all the right places with just enough muscle tone to seem fit rather than unhealthy.


A woman of astonishing natural beauty Rhea likely could not believe her good fortune; large and supple breasts with big sensitive nipples; wide birthing hips and a firm and luscious ass to be worshipped or fucked such a woman would be one to live in luxury at the expense of a wealthy mistress as a treasure for her harem.


Contrary to Rhea's own knowledge she is not truly the woman born Rhea Harrington at all but one gifted with her splendid body and noble pedigree after that woman's soul was claimed in an encounter with her demonic nemesis.

While the blessed warrior enjoyed the enhanced strength and lasting youth as a boon from her patron goddess and a trove of well-fitted arms and armaments it was not all so pleasant for the one who would become known from then on as Rhea.

Indeed the price for this gift was a sum of gold that only a nigh-immortal hero could hope to amass and weighed against her chastity and sexual fulfillment and she bears the same prison that once protected the noble heroine from removal any but her true love.

Unfortunately, before her soul became a disembodied plaything the original owner of the body in the clouded throes of unspeakable and insatiable lusts evoked by the unholy fiend named her the one she desired and now Rhea finds herself with only two options..

..Amass the fortune that her 'benefactor' expects..

..or live out her life in a chastity belt crafted by the hand of a goddess that her champion may remain inviolate and devoted to a single love for her entire undying existence.

It seems she is working very hard indeed..


Primarily a character for farming gold but with a little twist in the motivations that could make her interesting for the right partners.

The belt won't allow her to be fucked or have an orgasm but there are ways to enjoy her with or without her consent.

Unconventional strategies to get her some relief such as hypnosis, drugs or dreamwalking will be difficult to pull off due to the divine nature of the belt but I am very keen to see attempts be made as long as you're aware that easy and instant fixes are NOT on the menu.

Think of it as the goddess not having a heart of stone and being willing to allow some leeway; a wish might fail to remove the belt or even diminish her need from someone with little connection but a genie with feelings for her may be able to bring a measure of comfort.

Becoming her 'true love' could allow for removal but she'd need to mean it and fully intend to be completely monogamous to that person for the rest of her life.


Her chastity belt may prevent her from reaching orgasm or losing her virginity but this is not intended to protect her from rape, humiliation, forced bondage or intense sexual pain.

Girls feel free to rub your orgasms in her face and Shemales are encouraged to give generously.

Those who feel an urge to reciprocate will likely discover that her sensitive nipples are highly orgasmic; when not wearing a blessed chastity belt that completely prevents a climax from being reached, of course.
Player:Alternate Silk
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human