Sigil Fenris

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Name: Sigil
Age: Look's late-20's
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight
Race: Human

Telflamm is a city where thieves and pirates rule. Factions constantly at war to rule over the crime world, all seeking power and gold. One such faction, the Shadowmasters, were apt to bringing in orphaned children into their ranks to raise as soldiers in their army. However, their war consisted of espionage and assassination, and that's the life Sigil was brought into. And through a series of events he has found himself on the shores of Sinfar looking for his freedom.

Sigil gained his name for being a symbol to the Shadowmasters, as rarely did a mission go awry when he was involved. He had a roguish look to him, and a devil-may-care attitude. Though any real edge has been dulled from his new found freedom, more likely to lend a helping hand than slit a throat. Having lived a life of rigid training, going on missions, and not much else, it's left Sigil with a naivete to him. Not always the quickest to catch on to what's right in front of him. Though most times he could be found relaxing in a bar or staring out into the sea.

He hides a lot behind his dark blue eyes, like the deepest pools of the ocean. His body was athletic and chiseled from all his years of climbing and fighting. Even his movements were lithe and quick. Standing near him, people would see the random small scars across his skin. However, if one was to see him without his clothes, his back was littered in small scars.

Reds (No): Against the server stuff, Gore and stuff, no dicks (literally and figuratively).

Yellows (Probably): Pretty open. Obviously, if you think you should ask, you should ask.

Greens (Absolutely): RP first and foremost.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human