Anuki Bolkvadze

Full Name: Anuki Bolkvadze
Race: Human
Gender: Shemale
Apparent Age: Early 40's
Height: 6ft 3
Build: Athletic with toned features  
Scent: Fresh Linen, Rose and a slight metallic touch
Hair Color: Bleached Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Porcelain White
Demeanour: Motherly

Head - The long naturally golden shoulder length hair would trail down straight with not a single curl, her fringe framing framing her face. With round emerald eyes, set in the soft skin of her face with a hint of wrinkles showing her age. While the rest would be made to look more pronounced with a full face of makeup, light powder coating her face, bright red lipstick painted on her plump lips and a deep green eyeshadow to exalt her aristocratic blood.  

Body - As befitting her height her arms and longs would be long and toned, with just the hint of pudge as her time in Sinfar left her with less time to focus on her work. While her chest heaved at whatever fine clothes constrained her, more than a handful for all but the biggest hands. While her rear would be plump, soft and large.

Clothing - A tight fitting blue dress would hug her figure, leaving her cleavage on display the mounds pushed up by the bodice of the dress. As the golden embroidery up the right side gives a shimmer with each step. With only a thin black jacket to draw the attention further. As youd trail down to the legs she had a pair of high black patent leather heels on adding further to her height.

Jewelry - Hanging around her neck would be a thick golden chain that holds a jeweled pendant with a large square cut emerald nestled between her breasts. Along with a diamond stud in each ear.  

Green - Domination (Others), Rough, Non-Con, Bringing the light, Protecting others, Molestation, ERP, RP, Normal Vanilla things, Cuckoldry (As the bull), Dom

Red - Age Play, Toilet Stuff, Guro

Any I've missed please just ask.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human