Nica Carian

She is tall, ungainly, uncouth at times. Hands are heavily calloused and scarred like those of a simple farmer or a sword mistress. Speaks more like a man than a woman. Nica's mother died when she was very young, killed by vampires. Her father, she learned was the infamous Helsing van Carian. The fearless vampire and werewolf killer.

Why a farm in the middle of a vampire and werewolf land, to this day Nica does not understand. Her father raised her as best as he could on the farm with her older brothers. More a tomboy than a young lady. He became big and strong, often seen fighting with the other boys. She always won but sadly kicked out of school at age 10 for biting a boy's ear off.

When she came of age her father arranged for her to be wed to the son of a rich farmer's son but they insisted she be pure. Nica was sent off to the local priestess. Why she had never menstruated was discovered and the wedding called off. Her father died a few months later.

All Nica found and her older brothers left fit to bury were his gauntlets.  Whether the vampires or werewolfs got to him first is a mystery.  Both types of bodies were found around the gauntlets.

One by one all of her brothers perished. Now Nica, shunned by her own village and an orphan left. She put on her fathers gauntlets. Nica chose a weapon and left all she had known her entire life to start a new life.

"A diamond in the rough you are my daughter. One day you will shine and the world will be yours." Last words of Helsing Van Carsian to his daughter.

Greens: Females, another cock girl. Futa both giving and receiving. The touch of another woman. Someone willing to help her become a proper lady. Body modification, bloodletting for the right woman. Too many to list with for the right woman.

Yellow:  Males.  Sorry but guys you really have to charm her.

Reds: Pedo, anything against server rules.

OOC: I am interested in being with a female vampire. But since her father changed the family name to Carian from Van Helsing. Yes, she is the last of the bloodline of Abraham Van Helsing. My lights are subject to change as my mood. I am telling friendly, so please hit me up. Nica is still a blank slate in terms of RP. Is she at a dom, a sub, a switch. Who knows yet.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human