Ephemera Amaphae Lestia

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Race: Close to a fallen angel without really being one.
Gender: Shemale (visible bulge, even with a robe)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long red hairs, tied behind in a braid and two tied locks of hairs on the front, falling over her chest.
Height: 186cm (IG model in case of change)
Appearance: Motherly curvy shape. She looks like a 30 years old human with two red feathered wings
- A black ribbon behind her left shoulder blade
- Pale red lace around the inner sides of her eyes and on top of her nose
Scent: A mixed flowery scent, often changing for each day.

Vaginal (Giving)

Go for it:
Herm, shemale
Anal (Giving), oral (Giving and receiving)
Big insertion, cum inflation, breeding, risk of pregnancy
Cuddling, romantic time, romance
Gentle and/or rough
Messy sex
Size difference

Anal (Receiving)
Light BDSM

Male, Heavy BDSM, scat, gore, vore, rape, tentacle, animals

F-list: https://www.f-list.net/c/ephemera%20lestia


Other appearances:
- Amaphae Lestia (on trigger): Twin sister, shared body. Same as Ephemera with blonde hairs and golden blonde feathers.
- Herself in different sizes (mood dependant).
- Male version (request): Same as Ephemera with well toned abs, strong arms, a short beards  
- Pure female version (mood/request): Shorter with white hairs and wings.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human