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You may see a shadowy figure, cat, or puddle seemingly made of liquid shadow.

This odd inky black being seems to be odd for an ooze. he was made by a Drowess who wanted to become the main matriarchy of the underdark using an age old agent of Drow Wizards and sorcerers the oozemaster. however she thought the humanoid component was a weak point. She instead empowered a shadow black pudding giving it humanoid intellect and other skills. for years Slink was used as a spy, an assassin, and even a crude interrogator. after that as Drow culture goes his maker died and he was used by another, then another. each one changing him and making him into a tool they needed. he was mostly used at the end to break the minds of disobedient Drow females trained to use its tentacles to violate and hit all the spots in the female form and pump them full of his addictive cum till all they can think about is getting another round with the Ooze.    

If in cat form:
Animal Empathy 10+
That's no cat!!

Spell Craft 20+ Is it a familiar of some sort?

Lore 34+ is it an ooze of some sort?

Ooze form:
looks like a puddle of dark shadow of thick viscus gel.

Humanoid/ooze form:

Name: Slink

Hair:inky grey black with a wet light sheen to it

Your see a near shadowy figure though it is more an odd wet just shy of near translucent. Its whole body and clothing always seems to be coated in a wet layer.

Lore 25+ you may pick up on the following
Race: Looks like some sort of magically modified Ooze favoring the shadow black strain.
SpellCraft: 20+ You can tell this used to be some sort familiar, could it become one again?

Being a magical being made and altered for select purposes.

This ooze can cum(in bucket loads if needed) Its cum is laced with an aphrodisiac that can be soaked up through the skin as well as through ingestion. over exposure to this strange slime's spunk can cause addiction called: cum corruption causing over active sex drive for a day turning normal level headed females into sex crazed sluts (Will save of 30) and even temporary implantation(effects and type can vary depending on race and RP reasons.)

Green: All are things I'd like to inflict...
Assassination RP, spying, dominating prey, cum inflation, over filling, forced, belly bulge, sneaky encounters, stalking victims, mind breaking(fucked silly). Cum addiction, taking innocents. all shapes, races and sizes think hentai tentacle setting.
Also up for hire if you need a wayward slave broken into submission and you just don't have the time.

Yellow:  gore, bathroom stuff

Red: normal server issues
Favorites(not required to ERP tho):
Cum inflation.
Stomach deformation
Cum out of nose and mouth
All the way through penetration
Causing cum addiction
Slimy messy sex
Catching prey down a dark alley
Manipulating curious females till they're tied up it his gooey tentacles.


Yay you made it to the end.

In doing so I'll offer female magic users doms a boon.
This ooze can be turned into a familiar, to be used on your pets/enemies/subs to sexually brake their minds till they are sex craving sluts.
Good contestant player required though. this relationship can be one born out of mutual desire or magical binding that forces the ooze to seek his mistress's approval. Like having a ooze servant that does as his mistress says for spical food from her or sexual desire for her.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown