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Race: Yuan-ti abomination
Age: uknown
Gender: Male
Height: 7'9"(standing normal) Can rear up to 12 feet if need be.
Full size 26 feet long(Torso 5 feet, Tail 21 feet)
Eyes: snake like slits for pupils, a golden yellow
Skin: Snake like parts(tail/head) Smooth green scales. His torso is scaled as well.

[Looks just like to his portrait, piercings on the hood and all, just lighter more emerald colored scales.]

He is cold blooded, temperature is a factor for him and he must seek warmth in colder situations. The cold can make him sleepy and lose energy. This also makes it so his touch is lightly chilling from normal blooded creatures.
((this means you can find him around heat sources and warm bathhouses))

Being cold blooded he is capable of sensing heat when it is close by. If he focuses he can see in basic heat vision (only at 5ft) using the slits near his snout that lightly open when used. He must remain still to do this fires and hot days and render it near useless for gathering detailed information.

His tongue is nearly a foot long fully extended, he uses it to collect information such as smell and other being's body chemicals(pheromones) able to detect extreme moods(fear, arousal) at a very close range (with in 2ft).

He tends to instinctively eye and examine small warm blooded beings(small catlings and such), but can restrain himself but this has been known to make him hungry(like watching a good food advertisement)

He uses his tail of a lower half like any other constrictor coiling around his prey able to detect his prey's heart beat and breath if he squeezes hard enough. this can allow him to put his prey in a "sleeper hold" or even suffocate if needed.    

His fangs are roughly 4 inches long and he has total control over the amount of venom he injects giving him options on various effects from a light drunken like effect to sleep and even poisoned at full effect.  

As a Cleric of World Serpent, he was given nightmares and visions that compelled him to leave his people and now seeks "shards" of World Serpent power to free him.

He's kind, and quite humorous but has a sense of superiority over warm bloods and other Yuan-Ti being an abomination believing non-abomination Yuan-Ti are below him. this is the true pecking order of the yuan-ti pure blooded (fully humanoid yuan-ti) serve and revere abominations being closer to the perfection that is the serpent god.

Below his waist:
Seeing as he's always slinking around when his lower half bare to the world i guess i should explain. Like all snakes his parts are kept internally behind a scaled like slit you can't see.

If you happen to get him in a sexual encounter you'd notice something very different than most males in Sinfar.

He has two cocks proportional to his size . Each one 4 inches thick and just over a foot long. Bright red and smooth surprisingly flexible (able to be one over the other or side by side) yet very firm when erect. Each ended in a slanted pointed tip they're naturally coated in a natural slick wetness.

Greens: being a dom, prey play, master/pet play (dreams of a nice bunny/cat girl ;), size difference(small females, "is it going to fit?"), making bulges, kindness deception(those sneaky charming snakes), cum inflation, f/f/m, sneaky encounters, hunting, oral, mind games(drugs, venom, hypnosis, & aphrodisiacs) constricting a victim(choking, breath play)...many more.

Yellows: Vore (if I'm in the mood, just send a tell maybe Vrasith hasn't eaten in a while)

Reds: scat, pedo, males, perma death.

It has come to my attention that while i add a lot of detail i also take my time in ERP describing each action, but i find it builds the atmosphere and makes the whole thing more enjoyable instead of the "whips it out put it in" kind of ERP. So sadly I'm bad at quickies in ERP folks sorry. >.<  

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown