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The Worg-Blood clan is one of the oldest and most infamous orc tribes in all of Toril. Indeed, "tribe" might be too generous of a term, as the clan has absorbed numerous tribes of goblinoids, barghests, and outcast orcs over their long history.  Though their blood ties might be tenuous, the Worg-Bloods are instead united by an even stronger bond: fanatical hatred. In the eyes of the clan, all others are weak and inferior. You are either Worg-Blood, or you are prey. There is no in-between.

Grutilda was born into the Worg-Blood clan, and after her parents died during a raid, she was raised by the shamans. She was bright, mischievous, and irreverent, but with a sharp and willful mind. The shamans believed she had a powerful warrior spirit inside her, and that her destiny would be steeped in bloody glory. As soon as she was old enough to take up the sword, she was pressed into a raiding pack and thrust into a life of violence. Fighting humans that dwarfed her in both age and stature, she made her first kill before she bled and was a full-fledged member of her pack within a year. Yet for all her accolades as a warrior, Grutilda lacked the natural cruelty of her kin. A fighter and not a murderer, she balked at the slaughter of the weak and unworthy. Over time she grew alienated from her pack , and eventually, turned her back on them entirely.

In self-imposed exile Grutilda wandered through the realms, seeking answers for the questions that burdened her soul. The Worg-Blood clan believed that they were once Worgs that inhabited the beastlords hunting grounds and that their ancestors displeased Malar and were cursed to wear the forms of lesser orc. Grutilda believed the same, though she saw her heritage as a call to strength and fidelity, not as an excuse for unbridled ferocity. Over time she concluded that her clan had failed Malar's challenge, having chosen weakness over strength. Emboldened by this realization, she turned to the sacred altar of her people and sought the shamans there.

The Worg-Bloods, like most orcs, did not take kindly to betrayal. Her abandonment justified a sentence of death, and yet her return confounded the shamans. She had not returned to them in cowardice but resolve. Instead of skulking, she strode into the heart of the encampment and challenged the elders with her accusations. Though her words fell upon deaf ears, her actions earned her a small reprieve. Beaten by her kin, she was dragged away from camp and locked up in a cage. The shamans pondered her ultimate fate as she waited, losing her mind and languishing away in captivity like a rabid beast. Until, that is, she broke free...

Things wanted of SRP are orcs, elves, fey, poly-romance, vanilla and everything kinkiness.

Things not wanted of SRP are super-clinginess, bios focused entirely on the cock, character appearance 90% a cock, overly-manly men, disgusting things: scat, gore, vomit, etc.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human