Ivae'ess Surin Meivriana

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This woman at a quick glance might appear similar to a Faerunian elf. A longer look would pick out various inconsistencies that might indicate that she's more, or at least shares another bloodline. She typically stands just shy of six feet in height. She has blonde hair that is interspersed with streaks of gold and strawberry blonde tones. Her eyes are equally gold in hue, likely a celestial trait. Her build is curvy, just plump enough to hide any signs of martial prowess or practice. Her bust is well-shaped but not as large as some in Sinifer, and her rear is in another class entirely! The derriere is a thing of legend, plush and round and determined to break free of any confinement. When she wears tight clothing,  she also tends to show a fairly prominent camel-toe. (If in doubt for a given outfit, ask!)

Those standing nearest her might feel a pleasant warmth, a touch of positive energy radiating from her form. Undead might find it painful to the touch. She is descended from a powerful healer, a life-giving celestial whose enormous healing magics passed to her in smaller part. She seems to bear plentiful healing and positive energies, enough to keep herself alive and unharmed in all but the greatest and most dire of circumstances.

When she does employ her healing magics to any great degree, either to help herself or another, a pair of ethereal, nearly-transparent wings can be seen behind her back.

Lights and such:
Green: Friendly RP, silliness, teasing, most 'vanilla' things. No preferences to gender or figure.
Yellow: Anything pretty far out there, if I end up uncomfortable, I will try to say so politely if Surin doesn't make it clear.
Red: Toilet stuff, actually filthy things, godmodding.

Tell friendly within reason! This is all subject to change.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human