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Name: Devyat' (Dyev-yaht)
Race: Afarni (Yes, I made this up. Any simular names are coincidel)
Age: Appears about mid twenties by human standarts
Gender: Female
Height: Above six feet
Eyes: Glowing blue\cyan

Powerfully built, dark skinned woman stands tall above average human crowd. She walk with confidence and calm, collected gait. She seems prefer free and open clothes, having no shoes or leg wear to cover her feet.
Long hair frame her elegant and proportional face. Pair of pointed ears perk up and twitch from sudden noises, tips of said ears have small brushes on top, much like squirrel's or linx's.
Perhaps the most noticable feature of hers is her blue luminescent eyes.. and mouth, should she open it. Offering the only colored spot on her otherwise grey form.

Well defined muscles roll under thick, durable skin, showing her body as nicely fit and healthy one. On touch her skin feels soft and smooth, yet the more pressure is applied the harder it become, proving to be unusually sturdy.

Still in progress.... more might be revealed through RP though!

Lights: She have her story and way of RPing, also I wouldn't list all kinks here because it hugely depends on person(s) I play with.

Red: Usual server ban stuff. Godmoding, powermoding, metagaming. May depend on the mood. If I feel uncomfortable with something I will tell you.

Yellow: Characters without description and portrait.

Green: Good RP most of all, I would RP all what not listed in reds, yet she have her own likes and dislikes.

Tell friendly. Ask, if you have questions about her and I will try to answer.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human