Name: Araddon
Race: Balor-Tanar'ri (Demon)
Age: Ancient
Sex: Changes
Height: Changes
Weight: ~200lbs
Build: lean and Muscled feminine form
Temperature: She is very warm
Skin Color: Dark Red
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Glowing Green
Wings: Leathery Batlike wings
Tail: A long and powerful spaded tail

A Dominant Demoness, confident and seems to take delight in corupting and playing with mortals, she likes it here on this plane, so much fun to be had.

She has chosen a pretty face, her eyes are black pits and somewhere in there is a eerie glow like living green fire. Behind the full tempting black lips are rows of sharp fangs and a monstrous long tongue.
The face framed by long black hair, long dark curved horns crowning her head. Ears and brow pierced, even her horns have been pierced by metal rings.
Red skin covers her toned feminine form. From her back sprouts large bat-like wings while below from the base of her spine extends a long powerful tail ending in a spade tip. Her powerful demonic legs are bent back ended in large dark hooves.
Most of the time she hold back her true form and size.  


Araddon is cruel and selfish if you are interresed in darker play and horror rp, I do my best to respect peoples Redlights so i do try and tone it down even if she is a very evil demon, but if you want the darker stuff let me know. Araddon enjoy tormenting and twisting others so torture gore and vore would be things she enjoy, and she isent sex crazed, so erp might not be her main focus most of the time.

If you want to be her slave i prefer people with no reds because she is a demon :)

Green: lots
Yellow: None.
Reds: [Breaking server rules]
If you are curious im Tell frendly can always chat
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human