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Age. Unknown ( seems 22 years )
Gender: Female
Race: Draenei
Breast: H (UGE!)
Eyes. Shiny blue when she is relaxed, red when is excited
Skin: a mix of pale velvet and  pale dark blue
Hair: white, long
Alignment: Neutral
Other things: big tits extremely sensible, her horns are very sensible too, try to touch them! ( wink wink)


She born in a planet far way, unknowable for sinfar beings. Trained as paladin of the light and follower of the Naarus she guide her life in purity and sanctity. One day her sister told her about a demon in a distant planet who waste his time in corruption of innocent girls, then she take her way to Sinfar with the promise to defeat that diabolical  being but her spaceship crash being  she  the only survivor  She didn't left her quest to find the devil, His name was Sovzek. When she found him  told her saint  quest to defeat him and he laugh. give her a deal, if she cant defeat him  he will take her sister and family souls. Shaani enraged and attack but was defeated.. with her head down and her eyes full of tears accept the second deal He offered ? you can train and turn yourself more strong, in fact i will help you to train your skills, then when the training  finished you could kill me and save your family? say him with totally security... she accept

Long time training in oriental lands, she learn how to move more quickly and deadly. She had months training under Sovzek eyes and when she has ready  try to kill him

Her sword trespass his back and her teacher and enemy dissapear falling from a bridge... she begin to cry, feeling herself like a murderer , she was what she was thanks to him and now she kill him...
Then she begin to fuck herself with her tail losing her virginity crying and screaming  ? if is not for him, nobody will take it!?

Sovzek was laughing some meters of distance

When he appear offer to her to being trained more and more, to be more strong and a better female being desired and deadly at the same time, only have to serve him.. she accept joyfully crying of anxiety, kneel on his feet and begin to serve him for first time by her own desire

He told him about the Naarus, convincing her they are false gods and have to abandon them for him, He is her new god, and as that she adore and love him, giving her life for him

Years of servitude and physic and mental changes  turn her in a way of bimbo draenei, her mind is always in sexual themes and her body was modified to be more voluptuus and sensual, working for him as waitress in his variety bar in Saban, wel.. who say weaitreass say whore.

One day when she was walking in morrow winds forest, ( who say walking say looking for if any creature will fuck her) a savage horse-ling take her  talking about to be a mare of his pack.. she say no cause have a Master but him corrupt her mind with berries and savage magic to make her more susceptible, then fuck her until she beg for his horse dick

She felt wrong after those events, then she decided to tell everything to her Master but Sov'zek just simled at her and gave her permisson to leave Saban and serve the horseling. Despite that, her soul is still bounded to Sov'zek but now is fully commited to Zarrek, having a new lifestile and beeing turned more and more into a bimbo breeder for Zarrek

-Tribal tattoo with a pentagram in her chest sign of a devilish pact with Sovzek

Owned by Sovzek indefinitely until He wants, but now belongs to Zarrek

She can be teased, raped, fucked or everything else with no drama from part of her Owner ( but not enslaved or manipulated to leave him)  

Months of abuse, had made her love animal cock shapes and get turned even more by beasts and animals. After the firsts steeps of her new corruption she decided to bring the same fate to her sister in collar and raped her before throw her to Zarrek as a gift of her loyaltly

Searching for: Long term RP with interesting plot, with or without ERP.

ERP preferences: beast and monsters--> devils/demons males-->man-->woman-->futa

WHITE: Bimbofication and Bestiality, love horse cocks and everything coming from natural creatures,

GREEN: Body Modifications ( permanent or not) BDSM (ALWAYS as a slave, all kind of practices, from domination until sadism) Slavery, Hypno, Mind Control, Vainilla, Tentacles, Bondage, Anal, Masturbation, Tits fuck, Interracial, Non Consensual, Consensual, Rape-violation,  IDK... a lot of things, just ask  and don't be afraid

RED: Scat, Pedo, Child shape, being dominant ( i can do it if is with a female partner) anything against server rules

English is not my language, sorry if i do some mistakes or i misunderstood something.  I can RP in English or Spanish, . I Will do the best I can ( prefer in spanish ;)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human