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~OOC Note, I am Dyslexic so I mostly spell Phonetically.~

Name: Arunika.

Race: Changling.

Age: Seems youthful.

Eyes, Hair, Voice, Scent and Body? There not much that can be said about her appearance hear, she is a changeling and thus it will change depending what she is doing or who she is around. Each form will have its own look, characteristics and set of lies ready to her lips. As with all changelings, you will never know she is one unless you see her changing forms. In that case, you will see her true form: milk white skin and hair, a willowy body with pupil-less eyes ringed in black. She is not a doppelganger, when she changes is it just her body and not her clothing.

One of the few times they got it right!
The fairies had taken the real baby and left the Changeling in its place, of course there's always something a little off about a changeling baby. The parents being of a suspicious nature ,not surprising for Darkmist, did what any would do and put the changeling baby out in the woods from dust till dawn with the vain hope the fairies would take the Changeling and return their own child. . . . when they returned there was neither.

~Notable Features~
Black silky ribbon, might be seen worn in diftney ways depending on her from.

Simpel bow and quiver.

Changling:  changing her from at will.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human