Morana Emberheart

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Morana Emberheart is a woman of towering stature and formidable countenance. She is black of skin and dark of hair. Her hair curtains over one side of her face, with most of her hair either braided or pulled up into a ponytail that rests down between her shoulders.

Her eyes are particularly odd. They are the color of flames, a bright orange that seems to shimmer of its own accord. Her face is lovely to look upon though, with high cheekbones, a pointed nose, and lush dark lips to match.

Her figure can best be described as amazonian. Standing at a full six feet and four inches in height, she has the musculature to match. Her arms and legs ripple with strength, with her stomach being equally well sculpted.

All of this leads little room for the thick, womanly curves that are so well known in Sinfar, although she is not lacking in femininity. Her breasts are a perfect handful each, capped with a dark nipple. Her waist is slim, while flaring out into wide hips that carry a thick and firm rear end.

She appears most often as a knight, wearing her armor as easily as most would wear normal clothing. A red-hilted greatsword rests in its sheath at her hip when she is in full dress.

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 185 lbs
Gender: Shemale

White: Intelligent, well spoken characters. Despite her sexual tendencies, she'll make friends with just about anyone, regardless of their gender or appearance.

Green: Beautiful female characters. Voluptuousness, oversized insertions, romance, and many, many more. Also, if it were not obvious, Morana tends to be the top in her relationships with others.

Reds: Scat, watersports, masochistic themes, pet/slave play. Jumping into bed without meaningful character interaction beforehand.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human