Janita Goldsmyth

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Before you stands a blond hair blue eyed female half-elf.

Basic Stats:

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height 5'9
Weight: really.. that important?
Cup size: DD

Relationships: Akanma (boyfriend) Not public knowledge at the moment would need to find out IC

Jewelry: She wears on the center finger of her left hand, a gold band, looking closely it is the ring of the Hellsfire Guild.  Both nipples pierced, with loops closed by Diamonds. She wears a tear shaped pendent around her neck ((anyone with magic detection would notice a low level of magic radiating from it.))

Marks on her body: Around her arm is a blue band tattooed on,  RP for more details.

Reds: Nothing against Server Rules, No vore. No Gore

Gender confused - If you RP or look like one sex, but ERP as another sex I am not interested in ERP but will rp with you.

Due to ooc drama issues if you wear a collar ((I will inspect)) even if it is hidden I will not go beyond talking to you.

Anything else you can rp to find out.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf