Duke of Cinder

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The Duke of Cinder, an imperious pit fiend of the Nine Hells, known more casually as Belial or Bel.

She is a creature of peerless, uncanny beauty such that the weak-willed are paralyzed with awe to behold the unnerving, cold perfection of her countenance, bending the will of those around her through sheer force of presence. Over seven-feet tall, she is statuesque and regal - nigh queenly - in bearing, her shapely, elegant figure contrasting sharply with the oft-disproportionate vulgarities of succubi and the like. A silky cascade of wavy, midnight-black hair spills down to the middle of her back, framing a refulgent gaze and a crimson mien of delicately-defined bone structure.

The only attribute that belies her pristine feminine beauty is the conspicuous bulge between her legs; a thick, uncut slab of cock hangs almost down to her knees, paired with two grapefruit-sized testes sagging with molten baby gravy. That flacid 18" (46cm) cock is a vulgar, engorged monstrosity embellished with numerous cold-iron barbell piercings along its broad underbelly, punctuated by a heavy-gauge ring in a fat, battering-ram-like glans almost completely enshrouded by thick, smooth foreskin. Swelling up to 25" (64cm), this brute log of elephantine cockmeat is most notable for it sheer girth, appearing chubby and decadently corpulent despite its otherwise ludicrous length. The sack holding her plump, sagging balls is smooth and hairless, smoldering with preternatural heat. Those engorged testes are immensely heavier than they appear, ripe with a boiling ocean of glutinous, salty-sweet corruption.

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The Duke of Cinder arose from mysterious origins to rule a fortress-city of the same name in the heart of Nessus. A brilliant strategian of the deadly game played in the courts of Nessus, she seized power through artful deception and ruthless betrayal.

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Duke of Hell ~ Belial ill-favors combat, considering it base and crude. However, as a Duke of Hell, Belial is a powerful pit fiend and the true face of her wrath is something best left unprovoked.

Aura of Terror ~ Such is the Duke's cold, haunting beauty that, at will, she can instill paralyzing awe in all who behold her within 10 yards. Those immune to fear, paralysis, or succeeding a DC 60 will save are unaffected. This is reflected by in-game abilities.

Aura of Domination ~ Belial's mere presence demands obedience; individuals with submissive tendencies will find those behaviors exacerbated if indeed they can do more than simply grovel at her feet. Neutral or dominant individuals are unaffected.

Aura of Corruption ~ Such is her force of personality that the wicked are compelled towards greater acts of depravity and even the purest soul will slowly become corrupted with wickedness in her presence. The magnitude of corruption varies with the amount of time spent near her and the individual's willpower and heritage; a celestial can endure far longer than a mere human, for example. Individuals with submissive tendencies are more vulnerable to this dark influence. Intercourse can also rapidly accelerate this process by forcing the corruption of her seed directly into her victims.

Soul Eater ~ The soul is the only currency of any value to Belial. Contracts and pacts for power are thusly penned at this harrowing price, expanding her grim collection of damned souls; mortal, fiend, and celestial alike. While she favors beguiling her victims into forfeiting their souls willingly, she will not hesitate to forcibly wrest a particularly rare or valuable soul, or indeed, a pathetic one out of mere amusement. Souls are also nourishment to fiends who otherwise require none; akin to the power of a Heal spell, Belial can devour a soul to restore life to herself and others.

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Souls Devoured ~ 0
Children Sired ~ 0

Forced Pregnancy
Stealing Souls
Commonfolk (Housewives, milkmaids, etc.)
Breaking Arrogant/Powerful Females
Capture and Kidnapping
Temporary Enslavement
Light Bondage
Summoning/Pacts Gone Awry
Forced Prostitution
Forced Humiliation
Forced Bestiality
Cervical Penetration
Light Cum Inflation
Public Sex/Exhibition
Blood and Violence
No Portrait/Description/Lights
Sex Changing
Inexplicable Shapeshifting

Addendum: Tell friendly. The character is exclusively dominant. Bel is also gynephilic, but may make exceptions for traps/femboys or to humiliate a masculine male for RP purposes (humiliation or revenge, for example).

The names "Belial" and "Bel" are Hebrew and Akkadian in origin for "devil" and "lord" respectively. No relation to the Forgotten Realms devils of the same name which have nothing to do with the origin of the words.
Player:Bride of the Apocalypse
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human