In a manner of speaking, this woman is a force of nature.

She was most definitely willowy, a certain slender nature to her figure. And yet she was curvaceous, well and truly, her bust and hips equally so. Proportioned to her slenderness, and yet she was graced with a tapered waist- adding to her figure without disrupting proportions.

When caught in action, she was often sauntering, carefree, with a bounce to her every step. This usually allowed a slight sway to her figure. In combat, however, she was often at least partially crouched, allowing her a position more suitable for moving out of the way or providing quick retaliations. Although she vastly preferred to use magic. Some may call her a witch, others; a mystic, and many would apply different labels. But her magic was rather primal, worked through her force of will, and intrinsic understanding of what she was doing.

Her features were sharp, perhaps even delicate in their way. Her eyes often glittering a colour which is never quite human. Usually more of an amber or golden tone permeates through those almond orbs. Her lips, soft but not overly full either, she typically left them naturally hued.
Yet her hair represented hours of combing. Washing. And artfully arranging everything about it, to make it orderly, or slightly tussled.

The woman was surrounded by a slight spark. There was a faint tension in the air around her, as if a thunderstorm were brewing, just awaiting that first thunderous crack of lightning. It was an unearthly presence about her. Not physical, spiritual perhaps, or sheerly elemental. The spark of a force of nature.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf