Esterelia Lestia

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Race: Angel
Gender: Shemale
Height: 211cm
Skin: Sun kissed
Eyes: Deep blue
Hair: Red and blonde.
Build: Motherly curves and mature looking
Wings: Dark red with golden edge
Bust: Celestial size
Orientation: Female looking

A few particularities:
- Glowing pink cum.
- Body size variation, she can change her height but also body part size near at will.

Vaginal (giving): Cervical penetration/ Gaping/ Womb fucking
Anal (giving): Gaping
Large insertion/ Belly bulge/ Size difference
Lots of cum (tends to be messy)/ Cum inflation (light or medium)
Cuddle/ Vanilla/ Rough/ Breeding
Sex marathon/ Fantasy setting/ Magic use.
Female/ Herm

More than 3 players (hard to follow)
Non-con/ Pet&Slave/ BDSM
Too long oral
One orgasm scene/ Too much realism
Shemale/ Femboy

Animal/ Male/ Gore/ Scat/ Vore
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human