Alexandra Amarose

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race: celestial
eyes: deep blue
lips: very red and pouty, a perfect cockpillow
hair: blonde long and straight

She is a little silly and inocent, always happy and smiling for everything. Always thinking in man and sex, sometimes in woman too. Sex and man make her happy and she is always begging for milk

friends call her Dick-squito the milkvampire

She have a perfect body, big big breast with hard and pink nipples ready to be licked. Her breast are firm and round bouncing with every movement and every breath.  Her waist is thin like a wasp. Her butt is round and firm big but not extremly, her asshole is pink and always wet, like her shaved pussy. Her fluids smeels like strawberries and you can smell it when she is near of you


Green:  BDSM, Slavery, ovoposition, bestiality, mind control, protocol, body changes, public play, threesome or more, harem, lesbian, futas, impregnation, public humiliation, bimbo,.... Everything you can imagine except red lights

RED: Pedo or something like that, permadeath, server rules in general

OOC things:

Im not english native, i prefer spanish to rp but i will try to do my best :D , no OOC dramas  Tell friendly, ask everything you want
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human