Tara Fenning

Tara Fenning

Height: 5'6
Skin: fair
Complexion: mild tan
Hair: blonde, worn long
Eye color: hard to tell
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual, submissive tendencies

Arche terre interaction: RP-only (not looking for pvp)

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Currently: Her hair looks very well done, looking an expert did it for her. There is also a scent of coconut following her now

Appearance: A young human woman somewhere about eighteen or nineteen years of age. She has long blonde hair falling past her shoulders and fair skin. She is built slight, giving the impression that she is neither an adventurer nor overly resilient. This softness does accentuate her demeanor though as she appears to be attentive, soft spoken and gentle. Her voice rings with an undertone of sincerity and integrity.

While her movements are generally graceful she does not seem to have the aptitude of a dancer and can sometimes even be seen being a little clumsy.

Additional Information: Tara is an evolving, story-driven character. That means that she is starting out with very litte and only a basic set of skills. She has a background and personality (on the forum, if you are interested) but all of it can and will evolve depending on who she meets, what happens, etc.
I am especially interested in involving long-term rp and (with the right partner) open to even grittier themes, such as captivity, slavery, etc.

Red Lights: (no interest!)
- gore/vore/scat/vomit/bathroom/toilet play
- extreme torture/mutilation
- pvp/death/sacrifices
- mind control
- being fed on
- erp in general
- any form of sex and/or rape happening to Tara (both played-out and off-screen/fade-to-black) threats are okay as long as they aren't carried out, fear can still be powerful for rp
- anything breeding related
- necrophilia
- relationships with females
- cervixbusting/ovipositioning (anything with laying eggs into my character)
- sadism

Yellow Lights:
- strong injury, strong physical violence
- permanent stuff, lasting changes
- enslavement/similar related servitude (I'd like to talk before comitting to this)
- voyerism
- sex&rape (happening to other characters)

Green Lights:
- males (especially in any of the following)
- flirting, dating, romance, relationships
- affection, intimacy, intimate atmosphere
- progressive rp, character development
- immersive rp, plot-driven, adventure
- longterm rp

I am here for story and rp (especially charcter development&longterm), not interested in random/quick/meaningless ERP

If you would like to set up a story, rp or have questions, please feel free to send a tell.
Thank you.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human