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Eyes: Red
Head: Two long pointed horns extend from her head, curving back.
Wings: Occasionally she will shift form to have wings, especially when she is enraged.
Other: Rhai is capable of producing many tenticles from her back. While they have no combat value, they are very unsettling.

She tastes sweet on the outside, but inside is a black heart. A subtle smile, perhaps a gesture to come closer... a Succubus has many tools to pull mortals into her web. Rhai can appear submissive or dominant, depending on who she wants to attract. Her favorite game is to tease and taunt, and to try to steal the lovers of others.

Her normal physcial form consists of a sexy body of elven proportions, thin and just a bit short, with ample and inviting breasts, and luscious red lips. The only thing about her that is otherwordly aside from her tremendous beauty, are a pair of horns protuding from her head.

Rhai has the ability to slightly change her form, namely to change her shape to be more pleasing to her lovers. She has the empathic ability to sense what they like physcially about her, and she can changer her body to accomodate them. (ooc: this may be done with an ooc tell, Rhai cannot read minds, just feel what they might like to see)

Rhai's most striking feature are the long, black, leathery tenticles that can emerge from her back. She enjoys using them to terrorize and pleasure others. Nothing is as amusing to her as the look on an unsuspecting persons face the first the she shows them off.

She has the demonic ability to regenrate damage, albeit slowly. This includes her tenticles, as most warriors faced with a tenticle demon will choose to hack them off. Although it is horribly painful for her, she can eventually regenerate them all.

Rhai, as most succubi, has the ability to alter her shape completly. Often times she will appear in a guise that appears nothing like her normal self. While a gifted observer may be able to determine she is a succubus or at least otherworldly, they would not be able to recognise her. Other times she appears as her normal form, but without her signature wings or horns, giving her an elven appearance.


Rhai is not simply another succubus but a true daughter of Malcanthet, the Queen of Succubi of Shendilavri. This may seem like Rhai is some sort of unique demoness, but the truth is that Malcanthet has a vast number of daughters and other children, each clawing over one another and vying for power in their mother's court. The truth is that all Succubi native to the Abyss are known to be exceptionally backstabbing and conniving even amongst demons; and any that might have the audiacity to call herself Princess would have to be an exceptional variety to even survive to adulthood.  

It may seem odd that someone that considers herself royalty in a land that is a veritable paradise lives in such a far off land. The truth is that even amongst the daughters of Malcanthet, those that served were treated as little better than slaves. Rhai had grown to such powers that she decided to overthrow her mother and make herself queen.

This was a badly calculated error on Rhai's part, as she had neither the strength to defeat her mother, nor the followers to accomplish a coup. Any followers that did not betray Rhai were immediatly executed, whereas Rhai was afforded a far worse fate.  For an entire century Rhai was chained in one of the antechambers in her mother's palace as an object of humiliation and amusement.

Stripped of her powers, her horns, her arms, legs, teeth and tongue, Rhai dangled dangled from a chain attached to a collar about her neck for nearly a century, as armminder to all of what fate became of those that dare betrray Malcanthet. Such a long torture might break the mind of a lesser being, but it only steeled Rhai's desire for freedom. Finally escaping, she was forced to crawl out of the Abyss, often being put in humiiating situations before gaining a small sliver of her powers again.

Only recently has Rhai felt strong enough to begin using the title "Princess of Shendilarvi" again. While her mannerisms and actions reflect that of haughty royalty, using such a title openly can be dangerous for one that is not properly prepared. Spending so many long years swallowing her pride, amongst other things, has given her a desire to flaunt her heritage openly once again.

Rhai will do most anything. This includes, rape, pain, torture, mutiliation, death. She (and I) enjoy being on the giving and receiving end of each. (except death, of course :)

My interests: (applies to both giving and receiving)
Forced Submission
Forced Transformation
Latex (coated, manipulated, etc)
sensory deprivation
having an audience

My limits:
Permanant Slavery
Torture without any or with only very limited sexual contact.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf