Mainda Bennes

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Race: Centaur
Gender: full female
Eyes: blue
Hair: light blonde
Fur: light blonde
Skin: white
Breasts: C cup
Position: submissive

A cheerful blonde centaur woman. She is of smaller structure than others of her kin, and seems to have an elven standard to her body. Her humanoid top at least is elf like, with a slender build and modest breasts. Her face narrow and elf-like, and framed by blonde hair

Her lower half is... pretty much what you'd expect. It is equine with blonde fur. Not really a whole lot to say about it other than she is 100% female.


Red:  Fighting, torture. You know, basic stuff.

Yellow: Watersports, impregnation, body modification

Greens: Women, dickgirls, herms. Vanilla, kinky stuff..

Favorites:  dominatrixes, latex, bondage, sex toys, creative bondage, toying with and teasing her, hypnosis and mind control.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Uknown