Solgrez Tog'thath

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Name: Solgres
Surname: Tog'thath
Alias: Sol
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 240 lbs
Build: Muscular
Hair: Strawberry Blonde / Red
Eyes: Red, Cinder like glow
Race: Half Fiend, Half Human
Sex: Shemale

Solgrez is a creature of some stature standing at 6'0'' tall, but is by no means the tallest of beasts in the land.  Coupled with this, her body is firm and defined, but retains the suppleties of the feminine form.   little to no musculature bleeds through her fair, smooth skin, suggesting the strength to carry weaponry, armour and similar comes from her inherent heritage, which is more than apparrent in various features about her form.

Most strikingly; a slender, lengthy tail saunters about behind her, often sliding it's lithe, muscular form around a thigh in situations where she tries to conceal it - completely failing to obscure anything, of course.  

Horns; long, thick and strong protrude form her head curving upward and back, ending in sharp, knife like points.  At the base of her thigh and below the elbow, her smooth skin thickens and becomes scaled.   These scales are thick and mighty and could easily serve as armour if they should so need, and the digits at the end of those long, dangerous limbs carry talons and claws.  Her elbows too benefit from the protection of large, boney spikes, and her legs bend in such a way that it might be akin to the wolf.

A visage, then, of a cursed creature, half man and half something from the planes, though what might have created this fetid spawn is quite beyond reach at a glance.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human