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A curious gaze, a laid-back demeanour, and a gaze constantly in motion all hint at the studious demeanour all oozing from this individuals persona. This rather contrasts the feline bits, namely the tail swaying behind him and the fuzzy feline ears that emerge from his hair. Clearly not like his other brethren, he seem to be more scholar than silly.
Standing at 5'6 he's certainly taller than most catlings, though shorter than most human males. With long legs and thin frame contributing to a rather lanky look. He tends to stand with his shoulders back and back slightly arched to give his full height at all times. He doesn't appear to have much in the way of muscle, his arms and legs slender, shoulders likewise. His skin is rather pale, as though this individual doesn't see much in the way of sunlight, though almost completely unblemished. His fingers are slender as well, usually tending to clutch a quill or book in them. Should one see his torso it's rather unremarkable as it lacks a gut or any sort of muscle definition, his hips slightly wider than most males. His facial features are sharp, with an angular but slim jawline that doesn't seem to often hold a smile. His nose is small, on top of which a pair of thin rimmed spectacles sit, seemingly a tad too big as they are often found sliding down the bridge of his nose. Behind his glasses are a pair of sharp dark blue eyes, often focused and scanning his surroundings. Plopped atop his head is fair blonde hair, often unkempt it is at least cut, mostly. He's often having to brush it out of his eyes, as though having it is simply a bother all on its own. Overall his facial visage hints at one rather young, lacking in wear and tear on either body or soul.
He's often dressed in a sort of haphazard way, with buttons missed and robes loose. He certainly doesn't dress in such a way to compliment his slender form, his clothing often hanging rather loosely of himself, as though he simply draped it over his shoulders that morning. His voice is a bit sharp, spoken with a Celtic accent.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf