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Character + Outfit: https://static.f-list.net/images/charimage/17021478.png

A curious gaze, a laid-back demeanour, and a gaze constantly in motion all hint at the studious demeanour all oozing from this individuals persona. This rather contrasts the feline bits, namely the tail swaying behind her and the fuzzy feline ears that emerge from her hair. Clearly not like her other brethren, she seem to be more scholar than silly.
She peers around with deep, dark blue eyes as seen through a pair of thin rimmed glasses that she adjusts regularly. She has slightly unkempt honey blonde hair, let loose to flow freely down to her waist. Likely not a conscious decision as she's often pushing it out of her eyes. At a quick look her form is slim, likely no more than 110lbs and her height reaches up to 5'5 Her facial features are young, soft and fully feminine. Slightly rosy cheeks and small nose making for a very adorable and cute set of facial features. Full lashes bat with every blink over her big, clear blue eyes. Her soft lips rarely seem to hold a smile, often pursed together nervously. Her skin appears soft and without wear from weather or age, and is very lightly sun-kissed. Her voice is soft, spoken with a slight Celtic accent.
Down below her bosom swells out, sitting high and firm on her chest the jiggling mounds appear to be a 30KK cup, far more than a plump handful each. Each has a lovely round shape that pushes them far out from her chest and jiggle at the slightest provocation. They sit high, firm and full on her chest almost as though defying gravity as they draw the eye. Her waist which slides down in a tempting curve, is slender & narrow, her stomach taunt before it flairs out into wider hips, which shift back and forth as she idles, completing the hourglass figure of the female feline.
Those wide hips support her ample bottom; plump, temping and perfectly squeezable soft. The bubble butt swells out from her backside, emphasized by the catgirl's narrow waist and making a lovely and noticeable curve that would challenge any clothing to hold it as it wobbles about with every step. Farther below her smooth , slightly thick thighs stretch down her slender legs to make up her entire 5'5 frame. For the discerning eye, one might predict her measurements to be around B127 W55 H93 cm (B50 W21 H36 inch).

In-Game Portrait: https://nwn.sinfar.net/portraits_download_one.php?resref=kaede2_f_

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human