Dicentra Mandrake

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~OOC note, I am Dyslexic so I mostly spell Phonetically.~

Name: Dicentra Mandrake.

Nicknames: Dicey.

Gender: Female.

Age: Appears in her early twenties.

Race: Human.

Eyes: Bright, Sparkling sky blue eye's, borders with thick dark lashes giving her a smoky look.

Lips: Kissable lips dusky pink rose in colour often quirked mischievously in to a smile.

Voice: Her voice is closer to an alto. Carries an purring cadence of confidence, with a gypsy lilt to the accent.

Hair: Her long silken locks are the colour of lavish honey which hangs in ringlet like curls.

Noticeable features: A small scar under her left eye extending onto her cheek, which she clearly tries to hide using her hair.

Body: Dicy illustrates a graceful yet cheeky woman. The bounce of her blond curls, pulled over one shoulder and held in place with many decorative combs. A settling gaze of sky blue eyes with dark eye lashes dove tailing them, exude a  perceptive intelligence. A little heavy lidded with light touches of smoky makeup. Her full lips are rather picturesque aside from a small beauty mark above them. A secretive smile plays about her lips often.

Her skin is a healthy smooth cream. Dicy's succulent breasts are ample in their own way, having all the right cushion and pertness. She is not lithe nor fat, simply put, she is healthy flat with a little tone. A curvy hour-glass figure indeed. Flared and sauntering hips telling of a sweeping stride. You may see the natural subtle crease which leads towards her shallow navel if her stomach is bare.

Her back is not muscular, just normal. With a proper posture, the dimples resting above her bottom can be noted as well as her shoulder blades to a degree. Dicy's ass, is rounded and pear shaped. If she were seen nude from behind, her cute little rose bud  would be hidden though her thigh gap would allow the view of her velvet pink lips hushed together.

Her Hands and arms are elegant to a degree. Not labourer's hands and neither completely a clerk's if examined. Dicy's thighs can be described as thick yet not fat. Smooth long legs and supple feet.


Special Abilities:


~Shape change.

Other abilities must be found out icly, All Abilities are at player consent.


Particular favorites for this character include: She is based off of pathfinder witch's, leaning towards pagan, folktales, gypsy traveller. Darker more realistic, nitty-gritty themed RP.  Love hate friendships, blackmail, dice or RP fights, alchemy, drugs, power struggles, trickery.

Lights: I'm very open minded, I love imaginative RP! Consequences to my characters actions and others! Long term RP with Plots. walk up, chit chatting, i'll give what i get! you put in so will i. Power-play, Deviousness, manipulation, Seduction, kinky, BDSM are all good fun.

i don't really have red's. I will go with the flow of rp, and would rp my way out if i am uncomfortable with something. But i will not breaks server rules, i would like a heads up to any permanent changes to my Character. Please don't God game, or meta game.

Got a thought or wish to ask me something feel free to pm me, i wont bite hard.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human