Drogo Aelent

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You see an anthropomorphic dog-man, although he won't stop bemoaning the fact, claiming himself to be just a regular human who was cursed or something like that. All covered in white fur, he has a resemblance with a husky or similar-coloured dog breeds, and typically wearing a red kilt (or other red attires that can comfortable accommodate his tail).

He speaks like someone from London's East End though with a somewhat improved vocabulary, he isn't shy about praising his own (obviously amazing) prowess as a Wizard Extraordinaire or just a great chap in general. True to his apparent dog-like nature (as fake as he claims it to be), his tail does usually give a good indication of his moods, usually wagging happily behind him.
Player:Dark Angel 2004
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human