Ishizuma Tomoya

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~~~~ OOC Information ~~~~

- Tell-friendly.
-If it looks like I'm AFK, send me a tell to make sure. More often I'm not.

~~~~~~~ Ishizuma Tomoya ~~~~~~~

// OOC - Race: Usagi
Age: 32 Years
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9", 175cm
Hair Color: Jet black with thin white highlights, held in a ponytail
Eye Color: Hazel brown
Skin Color: Tanned
Extra details:
A pair of fuzzy rabbit ears sprout from his crown, flopping slightly as he turns his head. (must touch)

He's decidedly Kozakuran, both in appearance and accent.

(( I'll fill out a description at some point. For now what you see is what you get. ))

~~~~~~~~ Sexy Stuff ~~~~~~~~


Dunno yet! This'll fill out as his personal story progresses. Until then, anything not red goes!

Whatever's not red. See above.

Rape, pedo, server rules, toilet stuff.

~~~ Current Notes ~~~

- A pallid complexion, dark bags under the eyes, and a general weariness to the man. All evident signs of sickness- though also with clear signs of recovery. The bright, determined spark returned to his eyes a clear indication that the spirit still burns with fight even if the body cannot provide.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf