Amalyn Alean'tlarn

First draft: 29-3-2019

This sun elf is blessed with both the renowned beauty of sorceresses and the ageless quality of her race.
Her high cheekbones and slender jawline combined with her deep green eyes give her an often sharp but hauntingly beautiful expression.

Not just her head is lovely, her slender figure is gifted with curves most normal elven girls could not hope for.
Her skin looks so soft one could easily presume she hasn't done a hard days work in her life.

Her frequent haughty expressions and the aristocratic tones of her voice tend to betray a rather elitist world view.
Like many of her race she regards elves as the highest of Toril's beings and the sun elves as the first amongst equals.

Current state: Although she's convinced of her own potential she's almost completely lacking in formal training in the sorceresses arts.
It's clear she's still trying to find her place in this strange land.


Under the right IC and OOC conditions she may become an apprentice, servant or even slave..


White: Trickery, bribery, manipulation, figuring out ways in which she is forced to perform lewd acts. Groups, gangbang, giving oral, boobjobs, partners who cum much and often.

Green: Impregnation, humiliation, non-consensual, anal and most other things, too many to name.

Yellow: Classical romances, cuddles, bdsm, seduction over drinks.

Red: Acts against server rules, scat, death, mutilation, overly goofy or absurdly overpowered characters. Ask if unsure or I'll let you know.

Ideas, questions, set ups? Tell friendly
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf