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Race: Eladrin - Far Realms corrupted, would pass as a tiefling and most would assume she is. (very recent occurance)

Height: 5'4"
Build: Curved and inviting like an craftsman scuplted her to lure attention

Hair: Dark Black silken locks
Eyes: Liquid Golden hued
Skin: Twilight hue, smooth satin

Sanity: Unstable, her mind a doorway to another plane making her hear voices from two different realms of existance which is driving her insane.

Moves like the wind whips around her form even when it doesnt, her hips sensually rocking as she steps. Light on her feet those curve seeming to dance more than step as she glides even her more awkward movements seem graceful. There is something alluring about her even in her submission there is a sense of something appealing in her appearance, even when she might scream or rage, cry out for mercy or be as still and calm as a mouse, there is something attractive that could be described as drawing. Fine features that seem to have been more designed that just formed naturally, but then that could just be an illusion, so little seems real on this plane of existance with its great beauties and defined god like beings. There is definately something there that might make someone look twice even if only to try work out what it is.

nose - sometimes chain or even double chain extends to ear
lip - central
tongue- green gem (magical designed narcotic that also offers some healing)
nipples - rings lower on nipple, weighted slightly, able to have chain attached
clit - hood keeping it exposed
behind clit bar - attached to the clit hood piercing to form a triad piercing, so that the clit remains sensitive and exposed, also adds sensation behind and forward

Piercings mark her as a artisian and pleasure slave of a noble house of good standing

Note: 12/22/18 - While your welcome to try save her be aware its a long process requiring dedication and it is not a trap. Her collar doesnt allow her to be hidden from her master, and her sanity is questionable. It is never my intent to destroy other pcs or ruin them, but it is clear also in my lights I state without hesitation that my rp is towards DARKER rp.


Motionless In White - Voices:
Lights: Adult rp and erp, normal rp anything goes with anyone

Most things are green, very open to all forms of rp favoring DARKER roleplay, slave play, and the more bizarre character developement and situations. Males and females prefered but rp can alter, rp can alter most things. She is owned, she will do what her master orders and he will give her to people to use (and often amused when others use her by force).


Red: Standard rules for the server plus no scat, no swallowing urine, vore and unbirthing

Please note in my lights it says favoring darker rp, this means darker rp of all sorts, especially non-concent situations, rituals, harsh and rough scenes, violence, and anything that is of a darker nature. This pc however is not a dark natured creature in her main personality though the "Watcher" is. She herself, personality wise, hates it and is terrified of half of it, but the fear and hate is loved by the "watcher". The entity that sits on the other side of the corruption hidden somewhere on another plane of existance. RP to find out more over time
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf