Reena Rose

Name: Reena Rose

Gender: Herm (She has both)

Age: Does it Matter?

By all accounts the woman you see before you is a reaper. However, something about her appearence seems off to your gaze. A pair of demon horns seeming to have grafted to the sides of her skull, and if seen without her clothes on. A pair of blacken angelic wings would bare the same scars of being grafted to her form. What happened before she had accepted her position as a reaper was lost to her the moment she died. Now Reena wanders the isles. Wether a reward or punishment of past deed was unknown to her. However, the new reaper would make the most of it, when she is not ferrying souls to whatever awaits them on the other side.


White:  Breeding (Others), Plot based RP. Long term RP, Bondage, Slavery, Magic

Greens: Females, Herms, interesting creatures, Mind control, Potion and elixers, Plot Twists

Yellows: Shemales, (need to be interesting enough and in the mood)

Reds: Scat Piss, Permadeath, Anything against server rules.

(Feel free to approach IC or OOC if you want to RP always up for anything
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human