Name: Glauco
Age : 28
Race: Catgirl?
Build:  Small Chested
Gender: Herm

-Equine Cock
-Huge Balls
-Long Cat tail
-Long demon tongue
-Cat ears

She is a short, catgirl with a long cat tail coming out her big ass.

Her long hair falls down covering a bit of her ass, while her small chest stands out almost hoping to be noticed in that new small size.

Her face is a mixture of innocence and lust, with big green eyes and puffy big lips that would feel great around a cock or two.

She's got a quite fuckable ass, big, thick, squeeze, and thanks to her rubberlike feature she can probably take any possible size in herself without feeling much pain.

She has a big big bulge, when she doesn't wear short skirts, she loves to expose her big long equine cock and balls, but her female sex is often hidden, even if it's almost obvious that she prefers taking rather than giving.

Her eyes glare every time she notices a bulge in womens' clothing.

Vanilla play


Fun Rp, Character development, temporary changes

Forced Transformations, Humiliation

Looking for:
-Full girl transformation
-"pet-ization" via natural\beast parts or demonic.. or both!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf