Valana Starborne

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A reddish-auburn haired elf, likely of the Sun Elf variety. She is reasonably tall for an elf, and though below average human height, might still be mistaken for one at a distance if not for her ears. She has the grace and bearing both of elvenkind and of a proper upbringing, and is usually dressed well or even formally. A holy symbol hangs from her neck, the mark of a priestess or at least an acolyte.

She was born a princess, raised and tutored to be everything expected of royal daughters. She served as an initiate to the elven gods, though with the expectation that she should marry when the time came, for political reasons, and become a dutiful wife and mother. What, then, is she doing in a place like Sinfar?

In short, her sometime regal demeanor hides the heart of a complete and utter pervert. How this came to be for someone of good upbringing is unclear, but the result certainly is, and unlike most of the starry eyed pretty girls of these islands, she is here entirely by choice to slut it up, having left her old life behind, though to know more would require asking her about it.

Likes: Getting off. She craves newness and variety, and doesn't care about what others think of it. The more exotic the race or the shape of the cock, the better in her eyes. She's entirely fine with using magic to spice things up, too. She doesn't mind it rough, or bigger partners either, as that's what healing spells are for. The more interesting someone is too, the more they'll draw her attention. Pretty much anything not listed below, including humanoids, beasts, monsters, and so forth.Short term capture or enslavement is fun, but she'll eventually get loose one way or another.

Ambivalent: Repetition: She's less interested in repeating with the same partner unless there's something new about it (though this isn't to say it's out of the question, though! Ask if curious). She's not a whore professionally, but isn't above being paid if someone offers the right amount. Pure women tend to not draw her interest, as penetration is her primary thrill, but she's not going to rule them out completely. Contraception is something she refuses to use for religious reasons, though she won't force someone else to, and from an OOC standpoint will roll for impregnation if the other player wishes or if magic is used it can be all but guaranteed. She also isn't interested in anal sex, as it doesn't really do anything for her.

Dislikes (IC dislike, but not out of the question entirely): Bland and boring people such as those completely lacking descriptions. Bugs and Spiders. Staying pregnant for long periods, as she prefers to use magic to hasten to term, and get back to her fun. Long term or permanent slavery would take a bit of convincing, mostly OOC compatibility. She doesn't do PVP, so if you want to force her to do something, just say so, though OOC objections will still take precedence.

Outright No: Excrement, Gore, logging out without saying a word because while outages happen, if you're going to log, just say so, and I can skip waiting 15 minutes to see if you come back.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf