Erlin Jann

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WIP, here are the basics.

Hair: Reddish-brown
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 250lbs+
Height: 6ft. 6in.
Apparent Age: 30
Sex: Male

This tall, brawny creature seems to be built for raw power and ferocity.  He walks with long strides, each footfall from his large boots resonating with a heavy clunk.  His hands are meaty, with thick fingers, callused and nail-bitten.  His mat of sandy hair is shorn rather crudely (no doubt self-administered) and shaved about the ears and neck.  Deep-set, hazel eyes observe the world from beneath a prominent and brutish looking brow, but they seem to glint in low light, evidence perhaps of rather more acute perception.  His whiskered mouth and jaw appear to be set in a perpetual frown, and even the rare and derisive snort of laughter is revealed as not much more than a sneer.

Shabbily clad and weather-worn, his attire can only be described as patchwork and piecemeal.  Perhaps once there were deeper hues of color, but age and hard use have transformed all into muted, washed out shades of gray and brown.  Frayed at cuff and hem, the fabrics of his clothing and cloak are on the verge of becoming tattered.  His leather gauntlets and greaves, once rich brown, are now scarred and faded.  Only two items seem to stand out from his motley assortment of clothing and gear: recently polished, lamp black jack boots, and a broad greatsword sheathed in an ornately stamped leather scabbard.

Rp that breaks server rules.  Gore, vore, scat.

Adventure driven rp.  Character development.  Dice rolls.  Tell friendly

Player:robotica non grata
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human