Kelly Anderson

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Kelly Anderson.

Bartender at the Crypt club, also providing "personal comfort" services at the Ukari Station cantina and in the Radotonga astroport. Her current rates start at 500000 gold coins or Radotonga credits.

Very easily recognizable as Sabine Soma - the sole owner, producer, director and the lead performer of an adult pay-to-access holovid channel registered at the Radotonga network.

The "Deep Space Encounters with Sabby S" holovid channel streams mostly serialised adventures of an enterprising xenobiologist Dr Soma in her neverending quest to thoroughly examine every encountered alien life form... Boldly performing what only the few performed before.
It also features a terribly corny 80's electro and synth-pop styled soundtrack.

 The latest episode: "Deep Conditioning" in which the harsh upper class lady introduces a captured Twi'lek spacer girl into a new life as a slave toy of a spoiled human proprietress. With use of her thigh-high latex heels and binding cuffs.

The very short and very voluptous blue-skinned Twi'lek performer is credited as the Blue Starr and the episode breaks from the usual formula with Miss Anderson performing in her human-like look and under her real name.

Post-human full body synthetic.


The synthetic shape appears to be in her twenties. Something in her body language, expressions and demeanor hints at the woman very likely being older.
The human look confirms it by appearing to be somewhere around the late thirties or the early fourties old.

About 5'5"/165 cm

About 150 lbs/68 kg

===Eye Color:===
Dimly glowing red accents on her optics, mostly in the irises and the pupils. Apertures and eyeballs are dark metallic gray.
In her more human look, her eye color is icy cold blue.

Her "natural" color is milky and shiny silicone white, but she's changing haircuts and colors often.
The human form hair color is dark brown with a reddish hue.

Smooth, soft and glossy silver.
Fine black print on her right shoulder blade spells:
"Reconditioned Penitent Asset SN AG904955638.
Property of the Corporate State of Earth. Unauthorised use and/or tampering is punishable offense."

Metallic contralto. It's very singsong-y and melodic, soft and with an audible autotune... At times coming as slightly uncanny if not creepy.
In her human appearance the contralto stays mostly the same, but she's losing the metallic autotune and the voice becomes slightly raspy.

Usually some kind of perfumes with a flowery fragrance. Her own smell is a very faint scent of plastic.

Lawful Neutral with a solid bent towards the Lawful Evil.

Simple shiny collar made of chromed metal and glossy plastics. It looks as if it was changing its colors to match the outfits. Plastic surfaces have fine iridescent hexagonal pattern visible up close.
There's a leash ring, an electronic lock and a small digital display showing two words "KELLY ANDERSON" on the front of the collar.

The woman appears to be very fond of clothing fashioned from glossy or shiny materials - the rubbery fabrics of her attire being so thin and stretched over the body so tightly that they leave very little to the imagination.

===The Synthetic Look:===
Kelly's bodily frame is an uncanny mixture of natural and artificial.
She's tall, but not overly so. Sporty, sleek build with only subtly toned arms, legs and abs.
Hips that aren't overly wide yet her slim waist still gives them a subtle flare resulting in a small hourglass figure with about enough padding on her firm posterior to produce two small dimples at the lower end of her spine.
And then there are the breasts clashing with the rest of her slender frame - the twin massive orbs of soft flesh taking on a slight teardrop shape under their own weight.

...And yet the most striking feature remains her complexion - the entire body being covered in metallic and glossy skin decorated with delicate panel lines framing and accentuating the woman's shapes.
 In spite of the body moving and shaping in a very natural and lifelike manner small patches of the skin were made transparent and showing the finely woven mesh of fibers and circuitry running just under the surface.
There's also a fine hexagonal pattern on the opaque parts of the skin - faint, iridescent and clearly visible only up close.

In spite of all this, Kelly's flesh remains soft and warm in touch, with a weirdly natural feel of the body tissues working underneath. Yet, the skin is forever glossy and feels like it was permanently oiled... But with an uncanny quality of never catching any dust and it seems like nothing could stick to its surface.

Kelly's visage only adds to the uncanny weirdness that her entire body is. Delicate features with large eyes, pronounced cheek bones and slightly pointed chin are still unmistakingly human as she's lacking even the slightest hint of the sharp angular lines so distinguishing for the elven kind... Yet for some reason the woman has the distinctive shapely pointed elven-like ears. Those ears are moving with her moods and expressions as naturally as if the woman was born with them.

===The Human Look:===
Apparently she's now capable of taking on a more human appearance. The shape of her body remains unchanged, but the shiny skin gets replaced with a pale Caucasian one and the woman now looks older - the complexion now coming as entirely human and the woman's face showing subtle signs of her age.
Weirdly enough, even in this form she keeps those pointy elven-like ears.

===The Story:===
"This court hereby finds you guilty of crimes against the public order and the Corporate State of Earth.
However, in light of your cooperation and lack of previous criminal records you will be spared of the capital punishment.
You're about to be passed to the nearest penal repurposing facility and then assigned new role as a functioning and productive asset to the society."

It remembered the calm joy of leaving the facility with no memories of its former self and being assigned to a starship captain and his family... Along with the purposeful bliss of its service as the houseware and comfort unit.
But then the starship fell into a cosmic anomaly, spiraling through the time and space, to crash down in flames into the seabed near to Radotonga.
Being the only survivor thanks to its enchanced body frame, it crawled out of the wreckage only to be left wandering aimlessly and purposeless.

And then Kelly Anderson had all her memories returned, and what's left of her life became even weirder...

Maiming, Death, Scat, Gore, Blood, Toilet, Anthro, Undead, Anything Underage, Server Rules, Sniping, Stalking or being clingy in ANY way,
Humiliation, Being Dominant (it happens, just not very often), Slapping, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Whipping, Spitting, Beasts & Monsters, Biting, Scratching, Pet Play, Polyamory, Kissing+Snuggling+Cuddling,
RP, ERP, Males, Females, Shemales, Rough Vanilla, Light BDSM, Licking, Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Prostitution,
Sci-fi characters and things, Aliens,

Player is tell/setup friendly and the character is approachable, but anything intimate might or might not follow the RP.

Kelly's a switch with a bent towards being a masochist and a submissive... But only in bed.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human