Nikola Vrana

Nikola Vrana


-The short version-
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Bits: Female
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Pale Blonde
Skin: Tanned
Height: About 6"
Weight: Around 180lbs
Build: Muscular
Bust: D's
Religious Symbol: She carries a pendant of a heart, half blue and half orange hung around her left gauntlet.

-The long version-
What's this? A valiant knight who'll rescue the princess from a dragon? No, Nikola is a Black Knight. More likely to kidnap the dragon and turn them into a princess... or vice versa.

Nikola always keeps her eyes unashamedly seeking for things to attract her attention. Even those who might doubt their own attractiveness may find themselves the object of Nikola's well honed lusts.

Nikola's body is powerfully built and muscled like the trained warrior she is. You might mistake her for an amazon if she weren't a normal, if above-average, human height of about 6 feet. Her muscle and size does little however to hide that she's all woman.

Nikola's upbringing as a knight of the Changed Heart devotes her to the pursuit of corruption and perversion of whatever is pure. Those raised at the monastic temple are trained in the art of disrupting and permanently changing the flow of a being's life energy. Even their own. This power allows them to spread their lord's corrupting influence in a very real and physical way, growing their demon god's power with every heart they change. Nikola, like the other knights and monks of her order seeks to expand this power, carrying an ambition not unlike that of her lord's.



Orientation: Dom/Switch/Service-topping. Likes women but doesn't mind dicks on them.

Just because a person is dominant it doesn't mean they have a dick!

Reds: [Server rules], [scat], [rimming], [pee], [gore]

Yellows: [Anal], [vanilla]

Greens: [Women], [Hermaphrodites], [Shemales], [Men], [Being approached], [Angels, priestesses, and other goodly characters], [Anthros], [Multiple partners], [Bashful approaches], [Messy sex], [Exotic skin and hair colours], [Exotic races], [Being dominant or being dominated but mostly being dominant], [Equals or switches]

Whites: [Dark themes], [Non-con/Dub-con], [Corruption], [Body modification], [Magical transformation], [Gender/Sex changes], [Turning other muscled women into soft things], [Causing lactation], [Weird body transformations], [Mind-control situations], [Using magic to change people's sexual preferences (with explicit permission) or having hers changed (without her permission)], [Sexy wrestling matches with other amazonian women], [Turnabout situations], [Putting dicks on cute women], [Turning willing guys into grateful girls]

(Whites are both giving and recieving.)

Tell friendly :)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human